Who's your favorite JW celebrity???

by Donkey Lipz 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • Es

    wow since when was or is prince been a JW i never knew that es

  • under74

    It's recent Es. I heard his mother converted to JWs at some point and then after she died he started studying. He's also close (from what I hear)with Larry Graham who is a JW.

    I heard he was raised 7th Day Adventist--not far off from JW,

  • Shania

    Wait a minute, aren't we all stars in the Big Show? So I would have to say "ME"

  • lonelysheep

    Prince! I've been fan of his forever and will continue to be.

  • Darkside Blues
    Darkside Blues

    While she's not a wildly popular author, I believe Gloria Naylor was a JW at one point, after her mom got sucked into the WT. I love her book Bailey's Cafe. It's really inspired me to keep on writing, no matter what my JW parents think. :)

  • ValiantBoy

    Past: Teresa Graves...c'mon Christie Love was smokin' "You'r under arrest sugar"

    Current: Venus and Serena

  • Robert K Stock
    Robert K Stock

    Mickey Spillane, the creator of hardboiled private investigator Mike Hammer, author of "I, the Jury", "Kiss Me Deadly" and other great detective stories. Spillane's wife would appear in various stages of undress on the covers of his novels. Paperback, of course.

  • IP_SEC

    Xzibit from pimp ma ride.

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