Watchtower study - so long and so boring

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  • EvilForce

    I will say this...Blondie's current Watchtower posts are far more interesting than any I went to at the KH.

    The reason I found the WT boring was there was nothing of any weight discussed. Just the same mealy mouthed, feel good crap week after week. Start eh Watchtower off with a problem. How bad the current world is. What all the other religions do. Moving into what Jo Ho's do right. To finally how awesome it is going to be in the New System. Song, Prayer. Blondie's posts make me get out my bible and THINK for crying out loud.

    But to be fair 99% of elders are not good teachers. They haven't been given training in how to bring the material alive. There were a few that did a good job, but not many. I used to love lecture in college because there was usually an interchange of ideas. It was ok to ask a "tough" question to the professor. He knew the material inside and out and could shed light on his thoughts / teachings. And it was ok for the most part to disagree. Or if the professor didn't know he would simply say,,,, "Wow, I hadn't thought about that, let me do some research and get back to you next class." Can you imagine an elder doing that? Bring up 1914 and say "this doesn't make sense, I don't buy it, convince me". Why you'd be hauled off into the elders room in about 2 mins. flat.

    The Watchtower I went to never had an exchange of ideas. It was a regurgitated, watered down, pile of vomit.

  • Noumenon

    Now come on you is meant to be a spiritual feast....mmmm delicious...quit complaining and eat your spiritual food and be grateful. If you weren't enjoying the bountiful and nourishing spiritual food supplied through Watchtower study what else would u be doing on a sunday morning.....something totally selfish like sleeping and having morning sex with your spouse.

  • Honesty
    If you weren't enjoying the bountiful and nourishing spiritual food supplied through Watchtower study what else would u be doing on a sunday morning.....something totally selfish like sleeping and having morning sex with your spouse.

    No spouse. We split because I couldn't stomach the WT lies and loveless people anymore. Can't sleep late so I go to a real spiritual feast with the bible as the textbook and no BS magazines (although it frequently cuts to my heart when the messenger uses the bible to condemn actions I am guilty of) at the big church 20 miles up the road with the huge parking lot that is so full on Sunday and the skyscraping CROSS that can be seen a long, long way off before you get to the building.

  • love11

    The worst was having to go out in field service afterwards! It just never ended.

  • DHL
    I hated it and always felt like the teaching was too slow for my brain!

    Yes, I absolutely agree with that! It was spiritual food for fools. Even as a 12 year old I realised that one doesn't need to brain over the answers but he just needs to read. How could one spend an hour to prepare???? You just have to read the question and then quickly get over the paragraph to find the sentence that has to be underlined. That way it takes 10 minutes to prepare and you have another 50 minutes left over for useful (and more interesting) activities. Eventually I decided I could spare the last 10 minutes for useful (and more interesting) activities, too!

  • mamochan13

    Guess I was a geek like Zaph - I saw the WT study as a challenge and prepared by looking up all the scriptures and using them effectively in my comments.

    As Blondie says, though, it was rare that elders ever commented, and I noticed that from early on. And yes, Blondie's reviews are far more insightful than anything I ever heard at a meeting!

    Now the public talks - they were usually sooo boring. i would have taken a WT study any day over a public talk.

  • zaphod

    i agree with mamochan about public talks.*yawn*

    especially when it was a dull monotonous speaker who would drone on and on and on and on and on.

    worst of all were the interminable talks at the district assemblies.

    and the experiences of all the wonderfully spiritual brothers and sisters.

    when it was people from your own congregation, did anyone ever seem to resemble the person that you knew from your hall.

    i always used to think, she/he is not like that, why are they up on the platform lying. of course, one could never say this out loud.


  • cypher50
    My favorite variety of this was when the paragraph used a word the commentor was not familiar with, but they would go ahead and say it anyway. But in their reworded version, it didn't make sense.

    Paragraph: "It behooves us, therefore, to act in accord with Jehovah's organization."

    Parrot: "Acting in accord with Jehovah's organization is certainly behooving to us all." (Followed by nodding heads of agreement from the rest of the sheeple that also have no clue what was just said, and a few chuckles from those that do!)


    Hilarious...I used to love the confused look on people's faces when someone said an answer that was wrong or the wording was botched. The conductor can't outright say "WRONG, jackass!" but he always gave a chuckle and quickly took another answer...

    That reminds me of one sister in a congregation down here in Atlanta...she is one of the younger "anointed" ones (in her early 50's) and the study conductor absolutely hated for her to answer because she refuses to use "paragraph" answers. Instead, she would make mini-talks complete with alternate scripture references...gotta love those sisters who always wanted to give the Sunday Talk :).

  • Crumpet
    What I hate, is when the meetings exceed 2 hours. Most of the times I went, the meetings never finished on time.

    JH - I used to prepare answers to every question - including the review ones at the end - just so the meeting couldn't over run while the conductor waited for someone to put their hand up!

  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    Before I became 'spiritually weak' I would prepare for the Watchtower study with intsensity! I loved looking up the scriptures and jotting them down all over the margins super geek, top notch fanatic and example to the weak.

    worst of all were the interminable talks at the district assemblies.

    The worst of the worst of the worst was the final talk at the district convention! The one where they were introducting yet another boring ass book with no new light inside. We would try to applaud the speaker off the stage (lol) between nods of course. Though sometimes the applause would wake me up and my heart would be racing

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