Are You A Better Person Now That You're Out of the "Truth"?

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  • minimus

    You 2 miserable birds should be together.

  • love11

    mini- I for one am glad you asked the ?. I never have gotten a chance to answer this one before. Thanks!

    to the no repeaters! hahah lol

  • minimus

    Love, being who you are is good for you. In the "truth" we had to conform to everyone else's ideals.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    You bet! And as the time goes by: getting better!

    I am not afraid to give $ to charity, instead of feeling guilty for giving a magazine to someone who doesn't have enough to eat, instead of something to eat.

    I am not afraid to be curious about the world around me, without feeling guilty because I am going outside the Org., or going ahead of the Organization by examining other viewpoints.

    I can finally give people the benefit of the doubt, without fearing that they will try to make me an apostate, turn me into a demon worshipper, or try to do something to me because they are worldly.

    I am able to choose. The movies I want to watch, I watch. The music I want to listen to, I listen to. The places I want to go, I go. The things I want to do, I do.

    I am able to finally feel the full spectrum of human emotions without being ashamed. I can feel anger, hurt, joy, and admiration without feeling guilty or ashamed. I like that.

    At last, I am finally able to be just who I want to be without worrying about it. Admittedly, this is just not a JW thing, but just an age thing. Now that I am older, I am very happy to give up the facade of being "a good Christian" or a good whatever. I really strive every day to live as a good person, and not hurt anyone, and to just have empathy and caring for the people I know, and don't know, that are close to me.

    I am a Christian, no doubt, but over time I have realized the true meaning of God's words that we should love him, and love our neighbor as ourself. no organization, and no rules. Just being a good human World citizen.

    I like that.


  • minimus

    Being less controlled doesn't mean that we are less controlled. We just don't need an outside agency telling us how to do this or that.

  • Hecklerboy

    I've noticed lately that I don't look down on other religions like I used to. I now realize everyone is doing there best to serve God the way they think he wants. I have a much more opem mind and love life even more.

  • MerryMagdalene

    I think I am neither a better person nor a worse person than when I was a JW.....but I am definitely a changed person and I am living a better life


  • lonelysheep

    I'm happier and non-judgemental...much more open-minded in many areas of life.

  • HadEnuf

    Definately. I CARE more about people and am not as (still working somewhat on this) judgmental as I was as a JW. Being taught to look at people who weren't JW's as almost "the enemy" is not good for a person's spirit.

    I feel more outgoing and see the world in a whole different light. is good!

    Cathy L.

    P.S. Please excuse any comments made by whyamihere as she has inhaled an inordinate amount of paint fumes

  • Narkissos

    I would agree with MerryMagdalene: neither better nor worse, just a few steps further in one particular life path with a specific experience.

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