Were You Always Afraid To Do Something Wrong As A Witness?

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  • bikerchic
    JWs are always being reminded that you "could" stumble someone.

    Nope not me! Stumbling others? Give me a break! People allow themselves to be stumbled as a way out or an excuse, it's their problem not mine. It never kept me awake at night worrying about what anyone thought of me or what I did, I doubted anyone really thought much about me good bad or otherwise as long as I turned in my time slip at the end of the month and attended meetings regularly.

    But on the other hand mini I do know exactly what you are trying to say here. Carry on.

    just my .02


  • Purza

    Yes defintely. And I STILL worry to this day. I won't trespass if there is a sign that says "No Tresspassing" (even if it looks 100 years old). I have other hang ups too that I believe came from my brainwashing days.


  • Undecided
    at 16 I went 1 1/2 years without touching myself

    I never made it longer than 2 weeks, although I tried really hard. I can remember lying in the hammock in the yard, crying, asking J. to forgive me and to help me to not masturbate. Everyone I knew my age was doing it though.

    Ken P.

  • EvilForce

    Yeah, how's that for having a healthy sexual outlook?

    I would even feel guilty about wet dreams..... sad.

  • upside/down
    at 16 I went 1 1/2 years without touching myself

    Dude you deserve a medal!

    I don't think I've ever gone more than a few day... from 15-35 almost everyday... even while married and having sex.

    But my complexion is GREAT, my prostate can "bench" 250lbs, I have all my hair and teeth and I look like a fiddler crab.

    Funny thing though... I never "did" drugs.

    u/d (of the spankin monkey class)

  • minimus

    This has turned into a sex/masturbation thread.

  • EvilForce

    That may be true Minimus but the society put sooo much pressure on youths. And no outlet for any kind of sexual release. I hold the WTS bloodguilty for so many of the early marriages they pushed people into. 18 and 19 year old kids getting married because they were so sexually starved. They pushed into every nook and cranny of young live.

    WTS - Old men interested in masterbation...nah, mind over matter. Well when you are 85 and have a prostate the size of a grapefruit easy for them to say.

  • blondie

    I figured there was always someone that was "stumbled" by everything.

    I tried to be balanced.

    I also pointed out when people were requiring something they did not live by themselves.

    I pointed out that one sister who was offended that another sister went to a certain movie, but not enough not to borrow the DVD from her non-JW sister-in-law (who worked with me). Evidently, it was all right to see the movie if no one saw you do it.


  • AshtonCA

    I see y'all talking about my most dreaded subject, the big M. I never had a problem with it, but my mom discussed it with myself and my 3 brothers often. We were always told what the WTS taught about it and I grew up thinking if I did it, I'd die. Mom was constantly dealing with my 3 brothers about it.

    Then, I went and married a guy who, before he met me, was the king of the big M. He was not raised in any religion, so he had not stigma about it. We went rounds about this subject and he doesn't do it anymore because it upsets me so bad. I told him, it's not his fault I'm screwed up and can't handle that my hubby would do that instead of wanting to be with me, but he said, it's not about that... It's just something a guy does (he did it more in his sleep than any other time). But, he did say that out of respect for me, and the fact that since he was married and pretty much could get tail anytime he wanted it, which is true, I kinda have an obsession with uhhhh.... certain stuff due to my molestation, so he's well taken care of. I know, not healthy, but it is what it is.

    I really am trying to work through my problem with M, because my oldest son is 11 and well... puberty has hit him hard, litterally, and now I have to deal with this subject and I'm not liking it one bit. I am however not going to tell my son he can't do it, the only thing I told him is that wanting to is a natural part of growing up, but don't let it become all you think about. As you can see, he and I have a very open relationship and he shares stuff most kids wouldn't dream of sharing. Can you imagine having to have the sex talk with an 11 year old? Well I had to because he told me a few weeks ago that sometimes he feels like he wants to kiss a girl but he doesn't know why. LOL

    Okay, enough of this.. back into my hole :)


  • EvilForce

    Please Aston tell you son it is ok and completely normal. This is a good thing for dad to discuss to, since he can tell junior he does it too :)

    It is ok to tell him that masterbation is an ok part of a healthy sex life. Don't try to impart too many rules or restrictions or it will only make him sensitive to this. Allow him private time and private space. I remember my mother coming to me and questioning what was on my sheets. I had a wet dream a couple of nights before and just put the sheets in the laundry. I was mortified!!! After that I would never approach my parents again to ask about sex, masterbation, or anything for that matter.

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