I was born and raised JW. My Mother was one of the Anointed, and my Dad was an elder for 17 years. I was molested by my Ministerial Servant Grandfather, from the age of 3 to about 8, who passed away in '03 and was still a JW Elder. I was DF'd at 23 for fornication with a co worker, was kicked out of my parent's house, spent two years living in sin while attending a baptist church with the co worker. I got baptized in the baptist church, had no idea what it meant to be saved, but did it anyway (exactly the same reason why I got baptized as a JW too. I did it cuz I wanted people to pat me on the back, even though I studied the 80 questions and got em all right, and could answer any question that I had to to look like I knew what I was getting baptized for). I eventually got married to the co worker and am now a true born again Christian, as I finally started studying the bible on my own and discovered the REAL Jesus of the bible. My husband, and our two boys attend a baptist church and are very happy. For the first time in my life I feel free and whole. I feel like there is no longer something missing in me, like a hole has been filled in my life. I do not have a relationship with my parents, even though none of my family are in the WT any longer. My parents and my three brothers left the WT a few years after I was kicked out because they no longer believed in the teachings. My parents are currently shunning me because they still believe it's wrong to go to any church at all. My three brothers still talk with me and we have a pretty good relationship, even though my family is scattered all over the US. No one else goes to any kind of church at all except for me and my hubby and sons.