Are the Demons Really Everywhere?

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  • upside/down

    There is no other reasonable explanation as to why self-righteous, high-control, lazy, "mental", hypochondriacs like the Dubs have it so hard in life.


    u/d (of the lord of the flies class)

  • Gerard
    Can't believe how innocent the movie is [Harry Potter]. It teaches kids not to have fear, something that the WT finds unacceptable...

    You hit the nail on the head!!! Implantation of fears and phobias are required for asimilation into a cult: They give you a "disease" together with a supposed cure".

  • lilbit

    when I was on my way out. anytime I would doze off at the meetings my mom would say it was demons making me sleepy so I would miss the spiritual food that I so badly needed.

    Ever heard the story about the couple that was studying and bad things started happening to them. When the elders when to see them they found antique dolls with glowing eyes in the attic. the dolls were destroyed and the couple when on to become and elder and pioneer

  • heathen

    Amen to that gerard . The last thing a sick person will do is suspect themselves of being sick . They are complete social retards .

  • Es

    reminds me a little of the movie "The Village" its all stories to keep us in the truth. Although I have hear heaps of smurfs coming alive etc es

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