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  • Harpy

    Hi all. I am somewhat new to board. I am member of a few Yahoo email groups, but this is my first attempt to chat with so many ex witnesses. I have no idea where to being and would like a few pointers.. There is SO much here...

    A little about me.. I'm a 30s chick and I was raised in but never got baptized.. My mother is only one in whole family that is witness, but since I was not raised with any other family members, her religion is/was only thing I knew.. I gave up almost 10 years ago, thinking it was ME... but 3 years ago I joined a women's exjw support group and now I am realizing it was THEM not ME... SO here I am at 33 not knowing what to believe or who to trust... I do NOT trust the JWs, and can barely stand religion at all...

    I hope I can chat with others... And learn how to rid myself of the Guilty feelings..


  • whyamihere

    Welcome Harpy!


  • Brummie

    Hey welcome aboard. Good to meet ya.

    You build up your own believe/unbelief system as you go along, what may sound crazy to you today may sound believable in a few years. Just give yourself time to get over the JWs and be rid of the guilt.

  • upside/down
    I do NOT trust the JWs, and can barely stand religion at all...

    You and me both! WELCOME , this place is like a good buffet. So belly up try some of this and some of that!

    u/d (of the shedding guilt is good class)

  • kls

    Welcome Harpy,there are many here facing what you are and many here will help .

    So don't be ascared ,we is nice.Strange , but nice.

  • kls

    U/D how many classes do you belong to ,,,,,,,,,,,lol

  • MerryMagdalene

    Welcome, Harpy----what a cool name!!!


  • Aude_Sapere

    Hi Harpy -

    Welcome to the board. It's a great place to be.


  • Bryan

    Hello Harpy!

    I left about 10 years ago too, and understand exactly what you are talking about. It took me about 5 years to deprogram, but I had a great gal help me out.

    Look forward to your posts!


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • The Leological One
    The Leological One

    I think the more you get exposed to the exposure of the hidden gems of the WT, the less guilty you'll feel about maybe feeling like you might've "failed" the WT. I am a Christian married to my now DF'd JW wife, who's been going through quite a lot and just working on looking into the WT but needs to feel she's looking at more solid proof regarding prophecies, etc., so I'm going to at least get one rare WT old book about something along the lines of the failed 1925 prophecy about Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob being resurrected, etc...

    I would encourage you to read the Bible for yourself, trying to maintain a neutral viewpoint as you read it to see if you can at least feel more assured that the WT definitely has taken a great many things far out of context to support most (if not all) of their major views. God bless and my best wishes for getting over the WT and religion, in general. My personal feeling is that people need a one-on-one relationship with God, and churches, Bible study groups, etc. can help but should never be a platform of control.

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