If there's some good in the Watchtower, why leave it?

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  • hamsterbait

    Counterfeit Money.

    You only need to find one flaw to know its useless.


  • frankiespeakin

    I would never concider giving the WT organization any of my time in fact they owe me a great debt,,because of thier unethical treatment of those that listen to them. I was 18 when I started going to meetings, I let my guard down and fell under their subtle mind control,,this lead me to spending time for them instead of for my family, and things that I enjoyed. They have wasted too much time with thier 5 meetings a week, and special meetings in between those not to mention fieldservice, and the constant encouragement to keep trying to do more,,that can drive one to severe depression,,the use of guilt to make you submissive and turn in your own brothers faults to the elder's if we become aware of it. Nah ihad enough of that bullshit!

  • AlmostAtheist

    This was an interesting discussion. I hope some fence-sitters out there can read it and get something from it.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Dave - great topic.

    No love -no life. Jesus told us what to look for - when it ain't there - he ain't there.

    I loved my time as a witness - but I wasted my life believing lies. If Charles Manson donated some money to the girl scouts I still wouldn't like him. He is a murderer, con artist, and evil to the core. The Wt has the same problem no matter that some good is there.


  • metatron

    There was "some good" in Communists, Nazis, Islamic fanatics and even child molesters ( who offer candy!)

    Some good isn't good enough.


  • vitty

    There did seem to be a lot of catholics converted to JWs, maybe they think that theve made a huge leap from "one true religion" to another "one true religion" and cant face thinking the search is still on and can you imagine the devastation when you start to find out the truth about the org !!!!!!!!!!!

    Many former catholics hark on and on about how awful the catholic church is , they would rather stick with the WT which they feel is "better" than the pagon worship of Cathlicism.

    Dont mean to offend any catholics here as I know there are some.

    I suppose this is another topic, which is worse the WT or the Catholics LOL

  • Jeffro
    I see you're driving a 2-door. I assume that's your second car?

    Brother, I am shocked!! Second car?? Should you be encouraging this kind of materialism?

  • pmouse

    I left when I still thought it was the "truth". Why? Because of the high control. I just couldn't take being told what I could and could not watch on tv, read, or listen to, who I could have as friends and what I should constantly be doing. I lived such a life that I was guilt-ridden, a nervous wreck and when I had my son, I just walked away. Thank God.

    I have since, thanks to all of you and the information provided in this forum found freedom of thought and a sense of well-being knowing that I made the right decision.

  • Dan-O

    "If there's some good in the Watchtower, why leave it?"

    Kinda like asking 'Hitler brought Germany back to the level of a world power when they were at the bottom of the ladder following WWI, so why complain about how evil he was?'

  • one

    It is a matter of what is our objective in life. A 'mature' cristian knows his role is to help. Situations may not me the same, my experience with the jw may be totally different than yours. Congretations as a whole may differ also.

    The difficult part is supporting the wt programs when it is a waste of time or you don't beleive the objectives are to help individual jw, it requires some kind of personality....

    It has been said many times that most jw are good people but that they ignore some facts or have been brain washed.

    Many of us think that we know better than most jw, that knowledge brings a responsability with it.. You can teach by example.

    It is not what the country can do for me but i can do for the country (people).

    If there is more happiness in giving than receiving then many of us don't beleive it.

    If you can help eldery people or anyone in need of material or moral support, the WT won't be able to stop you from doing it.

    If we beleive in cristian principles then we should love our enemies (jw?) and help them if neccesary.

    If we know better we won't engage in polarizing arguments.

    Stopping associating with jw may not help them (what about the family?) . Shunning works both ways.

    In a political party you have people at the center and also on the left and right wings.

    We don't get out the country because we dont like what the administration has done or is doing, like vietnam or Irak.

    True, unlike in the jw religion, we have the right to protest but inside you know it does not change anything, and most likely we never talk or write to the administration about it..


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