Married to a wonderful non-jw man and have a son who is 20 years younger by my first marriage to a now non-jw ex. My mother got involved with the borg when I was quite young in the early 60's although in an off and on type of way. When she remarried my stepfather, she literally got fanatical and that's when our family life went down the tubes. In any case, after my son was born, I quietly began the exit process right after the 1975 debaucle. I found this site and although I've been out of the borg for a while, I feel that it is offering me a healing experience and reinforces my belief that this cannot be God's so called chosen organization. I believe God will choose a good heart and good deeds over an organization any day of the week. I have loads of family on my mother's side still in. All in positions of status within their local's all about their pride. Humility does not enter into any aspect of it. In addition, I cannot begin to describe the hypocrisy. So, for those family members looking to out me...go for it. It's not like you've attempted to be a part of my life for the last 30 years or so. Your lack of presence and shunning makes no difference.