Will reading CoC automatically make me want to leave WTS?

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  • ljwtiamb

    Continue HS!

  • JW4Life

    Im not a practicing JW so technically im not a JW but I would never spend money to buy some fools book just to get info on what many people have been saying about WTS for years.

    Its not reasonable. It seems like the most of you left the organization because you wanted to practice you own beliefs so finding faults would help you. Your forgetting people are falible no one here is perfect the WTS is falible because people run it. God is perfect. If you believe a Just God exist and that he will allow evil will continue forever Im here to tell you you?re dead wrong. When God is ready he put and end to what He calls evil if the WTS fall into that category then they will fall also.

    ~Fallow Jesus Christ lifestyle and you'll never go wrong.

  • avishai
    Fallow Jesus Christ lifestyle and you'll never go wrong

    Yup!! Just look where it got him!!!

    Im not a practicing JW so technically im not a JW but I would never spend money to buy some fools book just to get info on what many people have been saying about WTS for years.

    Have you read the book? If not, then shut the hell up, you have'nt earned the right to call him a fool, OK?

  • JamesThomas

    Welcome JW4Life,

    It's interesting how you stand up for Jehovah and his tendencies towards destruction. When I was a Witness I found myself defending Jehovah the most, when I was most haunted and disturbed by his actions. I wonder if somewhere in you heart you honestly feel that mass murder and destruction of men, women and children, and other living things is not love at all. In fact, it's unlikely we can imagine anything farther removed from love.

    Jesus once defined love for us in a very simple way; to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. A child can easily understand this. Are Jehovah's actions Christ-like? Is it wise for us to demand far less of what the Bible presents as the highest and purest form of love: Jehovah, than we do of our fellow humans and ourselves? Where is the sense in that? Why are we so satisfied with only the worst of human attributes in our God?

    Personally, having been a Christian desiring to be totally honest and cultivate love, I had to admit that Jehovah was far, far to defective, mean and limited to be the true Source of this wondrous universe and the beautiful expression of life therein. Strange how I believed that a one of many tribal gods, a god of war at that, was something to worship in the first place.

    Welcome again, and hope you stick around. There are many kind and interesting folks here.


  • Freedom

    Dear Friends, I am almost finished reading CoC, and I must say that it removes the mysticism surrounding the GB. Ray Franz certainly included alot of WT material in his book, which makes me wonder how long in advance he had been collecting it... Agape, freedom

  • Aude_Sapere
    Besides, being nervous that someone might recognize my car outside, (why can't they sell these things in nudie bars, at least I can explain what I was doing in there?!?!?) I felt guilty for attempting to be deceptive. Happily the store clerk did not ask if I was a JW (I was prepared to lie like Peter after the lord's supper!)

    As an adult, this feeling alone helped me make up my mind. Once I recognized it for what it was.

    I understand it completely. I felt the same exact way when I went looking for the book 4 months ago. And I had been inactive for 13 years!!

    All this guilt and control... I didn't realize what it was. Just the process of buying the book was exciting and freeing.

    I bought mine online from Commentary Press and had it shipped to my office. Extremely discreet, if you are concerned.

    -Aude-Sapere. (meaning: Dare to Know; Dare to have Knowledge, Wisdom)

  • greendawn

    James don't forget that the WTS god is not the real god of love but something they created and wrongly believe to be the real god. Their god is indeeed a very primitive, raw, cruel, and irrational character and oppresses with dread and anxiety the JWs that worship him and drives them into depression and misery. Remember also they are cut off from Christ thanks to their ridiculous other sheep concept, they don't partake in the bread and wine and are out of communion with him they have in essence lapsed back into a state of quasi judaism, the way they relate to the divine is fundamentally wrong based on fear and ignorance not love.

  • Klaus Vollmer
    Klaus Vollmer

    reading CoC will make you understand that the gap between claim and reality is increasing.

    To be said with the words of WTS: with one angle of the mouth they praise the prince of peace, with the other they are stalking around Satan's property.

    My opinion: they have forgotten to be the faithfull and discrete slave, the only thing that counts is money and acceptance of the world.

    They made the UN to be a wild beat and the rode it for more about ten years. They have an own tiome schedule but it is not in harmony with the bibel.

    Regarding 1914 I would say read Zechariah chpt 7. ( 70 years of mourn - in realtion to the time this is written)

    So all the 1914 scrap and what builts there on it is cult and not truth.

  • Sheri

    Why would it matter how long Ray Franz had been collecting his information (data) I know for myself it has been at least six months that I have been researching and coming to terms with my inner most thoughts and to think of publishing them would be at least another year or so. Are you feeling that to have such an amount of detail is implying something other than being able to speak completely from a truthful point of view? I thought this was a rather strange thought to ponder. Each of us have at one time or another had to come to the decision to accept or reject the evidence. I am forever grateful to Ray Franz for having the guts to do what he did, it could not have been easy. Broad and narrow is the road to individuality.



  • oldflame

    Let me get to the point right away, You will not even make it half way through the book and you will be ready to quit. I was astounded when I read the book, and it dead set my mind that the Jw's were full of falicies. Good Luck...

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