I have been reading COC

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  • fairy

    Well, i have read the first few chapters of the latest edition and am surprised at what i read.

    The bickering behind the society - how some decisions were not based on scriptural reference - the 607 date - and where the gentile times 1914 thing came about - the malawi/mexico business - Ray Franz has a very interesting story about the society/governing body amongst other things.

    It seems that ever since he was there, he constantly came across things he didnt agree with.

    The voting system that was set up to see what articles went in the magazines.

    There was one bit in there about being "scriptually free to marry". One sister caught her husband and an animal together....well..you know......and she divorced him. She remarried but then told she wasnt free to scriptually marry and they disfellowshipped/dissassociated her.......How ridiculous is that.

    And so the story goes..........

    I thought i would just put my bit in on the first section i have read...will write more when i have read more.

  • Dansk

    A must-read book for all Jehovah's Witnesses and exJWs. Mind-blowing!


  • zugzwang

    Yes indeed, an excellent read.

  • prophecor

    Anyone who participates on the forum owes it to themselves to read it, more than once.

  • steve2

    CoC: The single most compelling book ever written on the inside workings of the Watchtower Society. Besides the riveting "fly on the wall observations", it successfully conveys the author's genuine warmth and compassion.

  • Noumenon

    COC is good but a lot of what it deals with can be found on the internet. I enjoyed In Search of Christian Freedom better.

  • phil78

    I am only about a quarter into the book. Personally, all the datails about dates is lost on me as i never really bothered with them before.

    However, what does get me is how the obvious man-run org is so cleverly passed off as gods chanel tho humans. How they simply make things up as they go along.

    One of the biggies so far is the two thirds majority needed for a decission. Not two thirds of those present at a particular sitting, but two thirds of the total GB. If only half the brothers are present, and they all vote "yes" for something previously "no", the decission would be to leave it unchanged as "no".

    These men are in literaly in control of peoples lives, deciding if they live or die.


  • prophecor

    What I've found interesting are the comments that Ray Franz has made regarding life at Bethel, how the brothers are often disillusioned while being there. Refering to it almost as if prisoners doing time, and the thread about Bethel being a gateway to further disillusionment and apostasy. The ire and the bitterness that are reflective in the comments on that thread seem to mirror the position that Franz describes in his book.


  • alw

    fairy i am up to ch 7, facinating.

    12 months ago, if i had read this book i would have said no way, not true, dont believe him.however being treated the way we have by the elders in the cong the way we have, i can see it is not only possible but highly likely, these men are criminals,esp after the malawi mexico catastrophe.

    if anyone here hasnt read it READ IT NOW!

    mr. alw

  • Honesty

    Back in the early 90's I heard that one of the Governing Body was a vile apostate. Only later did I learn the real truth about who the apostate is..... the entire Governing Body with the exception of the one who has exposed their evil deeds for the world to see. One day all of the JW's will know who their leaders are serving. Hopefully, they will all be ex-JW's so that they don't have to share in the reward the GB is going to get if they don't repent of their sinful deeds.

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