This is a SHOCKER!!!

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  • HadEnuf

    Thank You For Your Support!

    Cathy L.

  • blondie

    Did it hurt, Cathy? How long did it take? How much did it cost?

    I'm too chicken. I got one of those fake ones once. I thought the JW I worked with would crap her pants.


  • tijkmo

    sis interviwed on circuit assembly few weeks back....i know shes got a tattoo..raised a jw

  • HadEnuf

    My dear Blondiepooh:

    Yes, it hurts. But nothing us WOMEN can't take. The tattoo guy said that he has had men faint, but never a woman. HA!BS'ing with the "artist" took my mind off the needle. It's more of a stinging sensation than anything else.

    This one took a little less than 2 hours because the guy had to take two "CIG"

    This tattoo cost me $120.00. I know, I know. That is a lot of money. I had saved it up myself and did this for my 51st birthday present to myself. (My birthday is Sunday so I expect a lot of attention from this forum or else I'll have to resort to smokin', drinkin' , etc. Well...I'll do the drinkin' anyway!! I think it is well worth it because it makes me feel EMPOWERED!!! have nerves of steel! I doubt that you are a "chicken" at all!!!

    Big hug

  • GentlyFeral


    I want one!! ... but, um, a live one that talks.

    I think I saw one of those once when I was doing herbal meditation. Only it was part clam.


  • Gadget

    Looks good, I love Tattoos. I've got three but am planning on a few more too!

    My girlfriend Faolan has 2, an American Indian feather on her shoulder and a triquetra on her back.

  • devinsmom

    OMG, Auntie you are officially my coolest family member, cooler than me even, I only have two so far. Im going to get the third soon, Devins handprints and name on my back.

    Yours looks so good!

    Ok heres the ones I have so far:

  • pleaseer2001

    ok I hope this works!


  • wanderlustguy

    Always a sucker for the picture posts...

  • Faolan

    Right, if Paul's getting his out, I am too . I'm hoping to go for my third soon, as soon as one jumps out at me and says "tattoo me", lol.

    BB, Claire, xxxx

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