Notice to all JW's - You must now call the Yorkshire Ripper your 'Brother'!

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  • Simon

    They are so desparate that they'll accept anyone !!

    "You hacked people to pieces? Oh what the hell, you're in."

    "You questioned the authority of an elder? Be gone from our midst vile monster!!"

    They should have signs up outside KH's ... "The Truth, as recommended by the Yorshire Ripper"

  • Englishman
    Sutcliffe is studying to become a witness and plans to be baptised in the Broadmoor Pool.

    Good grief.


  • Brummie

    Sutcliffe has been inolved with JWs for years, most of us in the UK new this already, if he isnt baptised yet then be assured its not because he hesitated, but rather its because they have delayed the baptism for him. He could have answered the 80 - 120 questions to their satisfaction years ago. Infact he did, but he got sidetracked on the way to the dunking pool, sidetracked by 13 innocent victims. However the dunking pool is still there waiting and he just needs to get in there and seal himself into the cult. Just be aware if he ever knocks your door, ok?


  • Gill

    Well it's news to me Brummie!

    Certainly a good reason, should he ever be released, not to answer the door when the jws call.

  • jeanniebeanz

    That's disgusting.


  • stillajwexelder

    Could have been worse I suppose - Myra Hindley could have accepted the truth - thank f**k she is dead

    And I do not even want to go in the direction of Osama Bin Laden accepting the truth

  • Yvonne A
    Yvonne A

    Surely that's rubbish.Has been a lot of bad press about the witnesses lately though. In the Scottish Sun newspaper also, during the holidays God was blamed for the tsunami and earlier when another disaser happened it said something like " Oh no, soon there'll be another Jehovah's witness recruitment drive " Bible says we'll be constantly downed by the world. Proves true all the time. I'm studying at the moment but hope to get baptised this year. How long have you been in the truth ?

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Hi Yvonne A - welcome to the forum!

    Just be aware that the long, long list of questions you'll be required to answer before you will be "qualified" for baptism as one of Jehovah's Witnesses is not supported by the scriptures.

    Also, please be mindful of the fact that while the Witnesses may now seem to encourage you to "investigate" what you're learning from them, you will not be even permitted to question much less investigate the teachings once you're baptized, on pain of disfellowshipping and shunning, if you're vocal about any disagreement.

    Take care and welcome again.

  • glitter

    A neighbour of ours when I was a kid had escaped from him. I told my mum, she was like "Well if he gets through the questions, that's different." ?!?!

    IIRC the Yorkshire Ripper is on a list of those who will NEVER be released, like Harold Shipman was before he topped himself, and Ian Brady and Rose West are. He can join as many cults as he likes.

    Would be good if some more serial killers joined up, all bad publicity is good. Might have to phone up Bethel and be irate.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    The Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe now a Jehovah's Witness

    Yorkshire Ripper's amazing letters reveal his callous verdict on the 13 women he butchered to death; Secret visits from ex-wife; Admits he was mad; Niece, 10, meets Uncle...

    YORKSHIRE Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has callously dismissed his 13 horrific murders as "spilt milk" in a letter to a porn star girlfriend, the Sunday People can reveal today.

    Evil Sutcliffe - who says he is now a Jehovah's Witness - claims he would never have committed the killings if he had found religion earlier in life.

    But then he cynically rubs salt into grieving relatives' wounds by adding: "Ah well, it's no use crying over spilt milk as the saying goes!!"

    The heartless remark, which shows the Ripper still has no sympathy for his victims, is one of a series of astonishing revelations about Britain's most notorious mass killer which the Sunday People has uncovered.

    The chilling insights into Sutcliffe's mind come in more than 60 letters he has sent in the last two years to ex-porn star Sandra Lester, 42. They reveal how he...

    GETS secret visits from his ex-wife Sonia despite the seething resentment of her new toyboy husband.

    CLAIMS she is the driving force behind his £75,000 claim for damages after being blinded in one eye by a fellow inmate.

    SPENDS hours in his cell at Broadmoor top-security hospital reading the Bible with fellow Jehovah's Witnesses.

    STAYS up all night writing letters to women friends who have a bizarre fascination with him.

    ENJOYS visits from his schoolgirl niece Emily, 10.

    CLAIMS for the first time he was mentally ill when he went on the six- year murder rampage that terrified women throughout Britain.

    Sutcliffe, 53 - jailed for life in 1981 for butchering 13 and trying to kill another seven - proposed marriage to Sandra in 1995 after she began writing to him.

    But the authorities at the Berkshire mental hospital refused to let her meet him.

    Now, in a bizarre attempt to show that the mass murderer from Bradford, West Yorks, is a reformed character, Sandra has shown the Sunday People her correspondence.

    But his letters do not contain a single word of sorrow or regret for the murders.

    One jokey postcard he sent to Sandra showed the town of Hell in Norway.

    He quipped:

    Not many people can say they've been to Hell and back! Tee hee! Mind you I guess I have - with all the torment I went through during those horrible years.

    He admits to still harbouring feelings for ex-wife Sonia, 49, who regularly visits him. He wrote in September last year:

    A lot of water has passed under the bridge since I first met Sonia 32 years ago, when she was only 16.

    So we are bound to still have some feelings for each other with so many shared memories etc!! I really want her to be happy as she deserves it as she has had a difficult time over the years!

    In another letter, Sutcliffe revelled in the trouble Sonia's visits caused between her and her new husband Michael. He wrote:

    I had a good visit from Sonia all day on Thursday. We had a lot to catch up on because I hadn't seen her for a few months 'cos Michael gets too jealous all the time she comes - he's very immature - and he shouldn't be at 37 years of age, tut, tut!!

    He revealed that it was Sonia who insisted he should claim compensation for being stabbed in the eye by crazed fellow inmate Ian Kay in 1997.

    Sutcliffe stands to get up to £75,000.

    He wrote: "I had a nice visit from Sonia all day on Thursday. She had a large claim form with her for me to sign for damages for the injury to my eye etc."

    Sutcliffe writes at length about how joining the Jehovah's Witnesses has turned around his life. He wrote:

    I have been seeing them for a good few years now. I just think they're very good to do Bible studies with. It's done a lot of good doing the studies. I just wish I'd known what I know now 25 years ago, because so much heartache could have been avoided! Ah well, it's no use crying over spilled milk as the saying goes!

    Sutcliffe claims he accepts that he was mentally ill when he went on his killing rampage in the North of England. He wrote in February this year: "It's only recently that I've thought I was suffering from a mental illness when I committed those crimes and Dr Horne has promised to get me some booklets on that type of thing, so I was thinking it would be interesting to read up on the subject as I've never done that before!"

    Although he can dismiss his killing spree with the offhand phrase about spilt milk, Sutcliffe feigned disgust when he heard about the double murder of a young couple near Sandra's home in Southend, Essex, last month.

    He wrote: "I've just heard on the news about that young couple who were killed, that's dreadful."

    Sutcliffe portrays himself as a big-hearted guy who plays the Samaritan in Broadmoor by helping a blind inmate to fill out his menu sheets.

    In fact, he seems to have convinced himself he is a nice chap.

    He wrote in March this year:

    Thank you for the kind things you said in your letter about me being a caring person!! I tend to attract people like that who write to me. They can see way beyond the hype put out by the media.

    Members of his family have remained closely linked to him, despite the appalling nature of his crimes.

    His nieces Karen and Andrea sent him the stickers of bears, Smurfs and ducklings he uses to personalise his mail.

    They also sent him a rubber stamp, which he uses to print dinosaur figures at the top of his letters.

    Sutcliffe complained in one letter about tight security when he gets visits from his niece Emily, daughter of his youngest brother Carl, 31. He writes:

    We're only allowed three adults on visits at one go, but children don't count, so Emily will be allowed in, even though the new rules state that children have to go on to the computer as well for security reasons! so they get their own visiting pass now!!

    Apart from his written fling with Sandra, who is now married to an erotic artist called Raven, the Ripper is not short of penpals.

    He mentions several women friends and pines after a biker from Bradford called Julie, who "sadly" had a steady boyfriend.

    Amazingly Sandra, who is ending her friendship with Sutcliffe because her husband disapproves, is convinced he regrets his horrific past.

    She said: "He is remorseful and tries to give his kindness to anyone who needs it."

    But we showed the letters to forensic psychologist Ian Stephen who warned: "Sutcliffe is being manipulative.

    "Admitting he is mentally ill takes away responsibility for his crimes, but it also suggests he can be treated and cured.

    "And if he is cured, it leads to the possibility of release."

    And last night David Leach, whose student daughter Barbara, 20, was murdered by the Ripper in Bradford in 1979, said: "It is an easy thing for him to say now that he has found religion but it doesn't bring back Barbara or any of the others.

    "You can't really believe anything Sutcliffe is saying."

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