Words you used instead of cussing

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  • hillbilly

    I learned most of my cussin' while employed by and elder and his son in a tool and die shop right after I got out of school.

    They would go at it about shop problems. They kept a keg of beer in the shop refrigerator too, so a big lunch time beer was normal for these two. What fun!

    I think the best one I ever heard was a golden boy elder making sexual references about his wife in my presence. I thought he was talking about a hooker until her name popped up. What a creep!

    I can raise a blue streak in the right company but still try to watch what I say around kids and ladies..... Manners are important.


  • The JellyBaby
    The JellyBaby

    Trying to disguise frustration and anger always made me chuckle. Many times I was working alongside Bro's on building sites and when mistakes were made and frustration was boiling...them trying so hard not to blurt out expletives made me cringe. One bro' tipped a whole barrow load of concrete over, that he'd spent ages mixing up. and he went to say the 'F' word...he held the 'F' for a few seconds...so I finished it for him, in an inquisitive way.....'FFFFFFF.......F**K!...He laughed for the rest of the afternoon.

    But words common were...Strap!....Flippin' heck..(?)...sugar...and Big Bucket of Fudge!...tut tut!

  • missy04

    When referring to Yahoo messenger after it boots me......"I got yucking fahooed again!!!!!"

  • kls

    Well let's see ,,,,,you mother fricker ,,,,, Jimney Crickets,,,,,,A hole or butthole

  • ValiantBoy

    I had friends that said "cornflakes.' If they stubbed their toe, they'd shout "cornflakes".

  • upside/down

    Nuckin Futz


    Cock Gobbler

  • undercover

    One of the last meetings I went to was when I was visiting friends out of town and the local needs part was on "pure language". Having used many of the more generic terms for cussing like "darn", "heck", "gosh" and the ever popular "fudge" when I was still "in" I had to laugh when in this part the brother quoted straight from some ancient article or manuscript about using euphamasims(sp?) and substitute cuss words. He actually said that using "heck" and "darn" was no better than the actual real curse word. He went in to the history of some of the words. He even condemned "crikey" as used by the croc hunter guy on TV. He said that "crikey" was a form of "christ" and that we wouldn't say "christ" would we? This talk was so over the top that as we drove to our friends home after the meeting we all were laughing and the elderly grandmother in the group said, "Well, shit. I might as well as use the real words if the fake ones are that bad."

  • iiz2cool

    Shit, am I the only f*cking bastard around here who cussed the same as a JW as I do now?


  • freedom96

    Growing up I was not allowed to use even darn, or shoot, or even crap.

    I think witnesses swear in private a lot more than we thought.

  • doodle-v

    You all sound like good ol' Ned Flanders

    Durn Diddly arn' it!

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