Are ex-jw's or "apostates" addicted to jw-bashing?

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  • Insomniac

    It's easy to be bitter. I went through a bitter, angry phase myself, and I don't blame anyone else who's having those feelings now. But as I've said before on this site, I don't hate jw's- they are my brother, my sister-in-law, my nephew, my cousins, my former sweethearts, my dearest and oldest friends; I love them and miss them and want only to help them. What I hate, and hold responsible for more evil than I care to go into now, is the Watchtower Society. Even that, I try not to dwell upon, as it's an unproductive use of my time.

    What is productive, is for me to lead a rich, full, and happy life- hopefully, my former "brothers and sisters" in the cong will see that my life didn't come to a screeching halt when I left, I'm not "howling from sheer breakdown of spirit". Maybe someday one of them will have the courage to return my hello on the street, or give me a call on the phone- maybe I can help someone else escape a life of servitude to a false faith, as I did. This can't be accomplished by angry, bitter picketing of assembly halls, or jeers and taunts directed at publishers going door-to-door- that stuff only alienates them and frightens them deeper into the organization.

    I guess this could all be summed up by "do unto others, as you would have them do unto you," or "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar."

  • Elsewhere

    The "bashing" will go away as soon as the WTS offers us a means of closure.

  • outbutnotdown
    I honestly think the witnesses are addicted to being paranoid about what other people think about them. They're also addicted to feeling they're always right. So I say screw them.


    Well said Dustin!!

    They should welcome critcism. Critcism should reinforce their beliefs.

    Rather, they accuse those critcizing them. That says a lot.


  • Joker10

    See Tired? When will you stop talking about Jehovah's Witnesses? :

  • onacruse


    The "bashing" will go away as soon as the WTS offers us a means of closure.
    Interesting proposition. For the sake of discussion: 1) What does the WTS really have to do with it, anyway? They are nothing more, and in many respects very much less, than any one of the thousands of religions and cultures that have existed on this planet, and pervaded human life, for the last several tens of thousands of years. 2) Isn't "closure" really a matter of our own self-recognition? Why wait for some man, or group of men, or some political party affiliation, to "give" us that option, and indeed, right, that we intrinsically have, and yet deny ourselves, in deference to some supposed "higher purpose"?
  • wednesday

    Well, if they can dish it out, they can learn to take it.

    Thye are however too busy hiding behind religious freedom laws in the USA , which I currently think are too liberal . Religion should be held accountable for its actions.


    "...for the good of believing in life after birth..."

    Jim Steinman

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    This might seem like a funny question to ask but my mom told me that "apostates" are addicted to jw-bashing and cannot let it go and have a life. I asked her what she meant by this statement and she told me that all ex-jw's talk about is the WTS and JW's and negative things about the JW's. She said that we get up thinking about jw-bashing and go to sleep thinking about jw-bashing just like a drug addict. She even mad a bet with me that I could not go one week without jw-bashing because she feels that I am addicted to jw-bashing. I must admit I have never thought of it as an addiction. Do you think that ex-jw's are addicted to jw-bashing and can we ever get over it and move on with our lives and not bash the WTS? Do you think that you can go a week without jw-bashing?

    well, first of all, how does she know? i mean, does she have all apostates' houses under surveilance? an addiction is something you think about 24/7... all you think about is your next fix. exes talking candidly about their shared experience isn't an addiction. honestly the only time i think about jw's is when i'm on this board. and if i want to expose them and be frank about how i feel about them, i do because i can . because now i have a voice. p.s. i read plenty of active jw sites and there's a whole lotta ex jw-, apostate- and worldy people-bashing going around, believe me.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Who is bashing JWs? The truth about "the truth" is not bashing.

  • one

    you have a terrible mate, you divorce and remarriy but continually "bash" the xmate,

    the very least the new mate is going to think is that he/she is not a good inspiration to make you happy AND forget the xmate

    if we really think we found freedom them why so much negativity which is only going to hurt us in the long run.

    you can still talk about the jw but in a "upbuilding" manner, in a way to get some value out of it.

    Otherwise it is ammunition for the jw , they going to point to the "whinin" the bible talk about "see that's they are no longer with us", "they have shown what they really are" etc etc

    but anyhow we think if feels good to blame the other party, jw refer to that as not being "mature"

  • one

    btw you can never totally recover from emotional trauma, incidents can cause post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

    and the best antidote or cure is to expose yourself to the circumtances or whatever remind you of the real incidents that caused the trauma.

    so i will suggest you to pray some more and go to a KH

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