I'm not alone

by imnottheonlyone! 31 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Dustin

    Welcome aboard.

    Growing up a JW does alot to mess with your mind. But everyone here is pretty cool, and does alot to help out when you need to talk.


  • Joyzabel


    Glad you found this place. And good to hear you got some help "deprogramming". Enjoy this place as a familar place and understanding friends.


  • outoftheorg

    WELCOME Girl. You are sure not alone. I wouldn't be surprized to find there are as many ex jw's as there are active ones.

    You'r in a good place on this forum. It has helped me with all the issues those of us may have. Due to the cult and our start in the borg so early in life.


  • Sunspot

    Welcome! Nice to have you here.

    No, you're not alone---far from it! *This* is the greatest place to share your thoughts and vent if you need to.



  • jst2laws

    Hello and welcome,

    I'm sure your experience is truly unique to you although many of us have had simular bad experiences. As to 'seeing the organization' for what it is, escaping, finding happiness and now this board, you certainly are not the only one, as your screen name says. You will probably find many good friends here. You will also find some who have not yet found happiness. I suspect you will not only find strength and support here but in a short time you will be extending it to those not as far along in this journey.

    Good to have you join us.


  • jeanniebeanz


    So glad you found this place...


  • Been there
    Been there

    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.

    So glad you found us. So many here felt the same as you. We were out there and just didn't know there was a party going on at Simons house. Now that you're here, the door is wide open. Come on in and have a seat. Stay as long as you like. I hope you find people you can connect with and start some great friendships. We have had many new ones lately.

    Been there.

  • TheEdge

    A member for almost four months, and your first posting - bet that took a bit of courage! Am pleased for you that you can now begin to 'be yourself' - welcome, and I look forward to future postings from you.

  • FreePeace

    Hi INTOO,

    I'm glad you found your way here and jumped in! I know you'll find much acceptance here!

    FYI for everyone else here... I was in that small cong that INTOO grew up in. I knew her as a young girl, I knew her parents, and family. Last week I get the "Blast from the past" email from her, and was excited. I was always hoping someone from my past would leave the bORG and look me up on the net. She did and it was great.

    We spoke on the phone last night for the first time in at least 10 years. It was great catching up, and she is doing great.

    INTOO, keep up the good work and keep posting!

    Doug Kelley

  • kwintestal

    Welcome to the board!


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