The John Denver Issue, vote now.

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  • londoner

    This is for those of you who sent me a private message saying you dont believe me, YOUR LETTING YOUR OLD JW TRAITS COME OUT, you know, not believing things when the facts stare you in the face unless it comes from the org. Maybee you should go back and re join them.

    To confirm what happened

    I was at a John Denver concert in the UK many years ago, he asked all Catholics to stand up, after he got them seated he did the same with Church of England, then the same with a couple of other religions, after he asked all JW's to stand up he announced that the concert would not go on untill they had all left and he then left the stage. The next day it hit the headlines in the press. As an ex witness I'm not in love with them myself but that was disgusting. Not only was he a fanatical born again Christian he was a wanker.

    To add to that, in the press article it stated that although he did get a few whistles and jeer when he returned he was undetered and walked straight up to the mike and started the concert as though nothing had happened.

    A plane crash was too good for him, and was he a wanker, you decide.

    How would you feel if you were Black and he said I don't play to Blacks


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell

    I always thought that was an Urban legend. You being an eye witness to the event and what you are saying is true, John Denver was wrong. No difference if he asked alll Black people to leave. If that happened could you imagine the outrage!! My mom also tells the story about how John Denver was trashing the JW on The Tonight Show and Johhny Carson asked him to leave. I am not sure if this one is a JW Urban Legend or not.


  • mkr32208

    Did you guys see the south park were kenny wanted to get his mom to have a miscarrage so he took her to the fair to ride the "John Denver experience?" It was a ride like the pirate ship ride at the fair only it was an airplane it started with one of his rocky mountain high type songs then the plane started crashing into stuff flipped over and landed upside down in the water I laughed my ass off,,,

    Not that I don't like John Denver but it was hilarious!

  • wednesday

    Londoner, (i do not agree with u, but I am so happy u have joined this board, welcome to the land of lthe living)

    I myself never doubted HE DID IT, but as far as whether Johnny Carson made it an issue when John Denver was on his show, I DO NOT believe that. Johnny Carson I think had too much class to do that, but I definitley remember SOME incident about JWS regarding Carson.

    I loved John Denver. He was a passionate man, and it was the 60's and 70's a time of peace and love and all that jazz.. I think that JWS not standing for the flag salute and other things is disgraceful and I wish more people would throw them out of concerts.When I think of the events I attended and would refuse to stand for the salute or sing "God bless america" or bow my head out of courtesy for a prayer, hell , someone should have thrown us out.j

    just my humble opinion

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    A plane crash was too good for him, and was he a wanker, you decide

    (i saw him on a PBS concert earlier this year and i thought what a sweet voice he had, and what a good guitar player he was, and so what, he told some witnesses to leave, so because of that he got what he deserved when his plane crashed??! (p.s. what the hell were JW's doing at a "worldy" event anyway?)

  • SixofNine

    So which is it; did you see this yourself, or get it from a "press article"?

  • wednesday

    U know Carson did not do that, if he had, well someone would have mentioned it this week, u know he died last Sunday and they have been doing memorials for him all week. It would have been billed as the only person Carson ever asked to leave his stage!!! That is an Urban legand by JWS.

    I was so sad when he died, I loved his music. He was a very talented and passionate man .

    Thank God I'm a country Girl...

  • Poztate
    To confirm what happened

    I was at a John Denver concert in the UK many years ago,

    I would like to confirm what happened also. It would be helpful if you could be more specific as to the year and the location. I am sure since you were at the concert it would not be too hard to remember more and fill us in.

  • lisaBObeesa

    I need to see a press article (from a reputable paper) that confirms this for me to believe it.

  • londoner

    Hi Sixofnine,

    Yes I was at the concert, along with half the congregation.

    And to clear up another thing that a lot of ex JW's from the states seem to be comenting on. The JW's in Europe are not so tight about that sort of thing. I can recall two other concerts that were virtually congregation trips, with half the elders in the cong and there wives there.

    Also on the national anthem thing, don't forget Americans are on the whole a lot more patriotic than most countries. If someone played God save the Queen at a concert in the U.K half the audience would probably jeer them off the stage.

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