Even stranger than drunken Noah - why did angels want sex with women?

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  • jeanniebeanz
    Surely there must have been good looking men they could have materialised as women for.

    Even as a teenager, this bothered me about the societies explanation of the facts. Afterall, some guys are definitly worth a second look! (meow).

    However, since some members of the GB had personally witnessed these events, I stopped questioning.


  • startingover

    Check out this essay. I wish I could give credit to the writer but I can't.

    The initial act that started the chain of events regarding the flood, is described by the following bible verses:

    ?Now it came about that when men started to grow in numbers on the surface of the ground and daughters were born to them, the sons of the true God began to notice the daughters of men, that they were good looking; and they went taking wives for themselves, namely all whom they chose.? - Genesis 6:1,2 (NWT)

    Within the next three verses, things deteriorated so much that the only reasonable act for a loving God would be to murder all life. It seems a little odd to me that the angels who started all of this escaped back to heaven, but the humans, who were only secondary to the story, and the animals, who didn?t know what the hell was going on, were executed.

    The key point here, is that the event that kicked off the flood was the desire of angels to mate with humans.

    In other words, the angels got horny. Now, this has some interesting implications. From this story, and a few other Bible references, we can build an interesting picture of the nature of heaven.

    The sex drive in humans and animals is caused by chemicals that are produced in the body. In fact, a person?s sex drive can be eliminated or changed through surgery and hormone therapy. The point of the matter is that, without these chemicals, there is no sex drive.

    At this point, we must pause a moment to consider the nature of angels. According to the Bible, angels are direct creations of God. They do not reproduce. As well, they do not have the inherited original sin of Adam and Eve to taint them. They are perfect. This does not mean that they are incapable of sin. It merely means that they are incapable of accidental sin. If an angel sins, it is because he meant it. It also means that if an angel feels sexual desire, it must have been placed there by his creator.

    In order for an angel to become inflamed with lust for a human woman, it would be necessary for the angel to have a sex drive of some sort. If they were completely neuter in every way, they would find human women about as attractive as we find rocks. For this story to function, God must have created angels with sex drives.

    Conclusion # 1: Angels are created with a sex drive.

    Now that we have established this unusual fact, let?s continue. Notice that the Bible says that the angels found human women attractive, and they took on the bodies of men. Also, notice that it does not say that any of them found human men attractive, and none of them took on the bodies of women. This leads us inescapably to our next conclusion.

    Conclusion # 2: All angels are men.

    Some of you may be tempted to jump ahead of me, but let?s go slow, and develop this carefully. Our next area of inquiry is regarding the possibility of angelic reproduction.

    Jesus gives us some insight into the nature of angelic interrelationships:

    ?For in the resurrection, neither do men marry, nor are women given in marriage, but are as the angels in heaven.? - Matthew

    In addition to this direct statement, we note that there is no reference anywhere in the Bible to female angels, angelic marriage, or angelic reproduction of any sort. This leads us to our next conclusion:

    Conclusion # 3: Angels have no natural outlet for their sexual urges.

    Finally, I must add some information regarding the quantities of angels.

    The book of Daniel makes reference to ?ten thousand times ten thousand? standing before God. A quick multiplication shows that there are one hundred million angels present in this scene, and there may be others as well.

    Also, angels have been in existence for a long time. The Bible says that God rested after creating Adam and Eve, so any angels that exist must have been created before them; therefore, angels are ancient.

    Conclusion # 4: There are lots and lots of angels and they have a lot of time

    on their hands

    Now, for the slower ones among us, who have not yet figured out what I am getting at, let?s put all four conclusions together, and finish this off:

    1. Angels are created with a sex drive

    2. All angels are men

    3. Angels have no natural outlet for their sexual urges

    4. There are lots and lots of angels, with lots and lots of time

    With this logic in mind, we can deduce that heaven must be like a huge prison shower room. I suppose that there are some people who have always had this concept of heaven, or at least hoped for it, but you will have to admit that this is not the mainstream viewpoint. If it were, the Cistine Chapel would be restricted to adults only.

    I think it?s safe to say that this exercise illustrates just how ridiculous is the story of the flood. These conclusions, although absurd, are the natural outgrowth of the story, itself. In order for the events of the flood to get off the ground, this must be true.

    So, choose for yourself: either heaven is a massive bath house, or the story of the flood is just another yarn.

  • Jez

    Thank you so much for that essay. Great stuff! I am going to print it off and keep it in my special 'binder' of info.


  • startingover


    You should see how big my binder is, as well as word docs. The only problem I have is finding stuff. I've looked for this essay before and couldn't find it, glad I did this time around. It's one of my favorites.

  • catchthis

    Why worry about angels having sex with humans when God should be worrying about this crap taking place:

    What I would like to know is, how would a witness explain this activity? Is this God's idea of some kind of joke or what?

  • JustTickledPink

    I also believe Frenchy has it right. The bible was written by men, so it has their viewpoint and slant on everything.

    Can you imagine though, being a girl and telling your girlfriend that some hot angel that came down from heaven screwed you last night??? Seriously.

  • truth_about_the_truth
    Also, if man is made in God's image, that would mean that all human attributes were first, godly. God cannot give man something that he did not himself have......therefore....God must have had some kind of sexual attraction or need to create or whatever you want to call it.

    This is deep stuff...Food for thought.

    Sex has been stigmatized by the religious cultures of the world as something wicked and dirty, in reality it is a gift from the Creator himself.

    Why do ppl tend to think that there can't be something that parallels the sex act in the other realm? Because it's too holy? WHo came up with the idea that sex=unholy? It's human religions.

  • stillajwexelder

    think frenchbaby is on to it! This was a good reason to make your wife wear a veil! Cause she was responsible for the fall of the angels! Not only had those F*cking women gotten us INNOCENT men kicked out of the garden of eden but these no good trolips had even suduced the sons of god! Women can't be trusted!

    Typical male bull$hit... Why in the world does ANYONE believe this book again?


  • candidlynuts

    i remember a conversation i had about this years ago.. the comment that i remember was that (bad) angels desire worship. the physical love of a woman is as close to worship as a man will ever get.. hence the desire for worship caused them to want to take the form of man and recieve physical love from women.....

    lame but just thought i'd toss that in.

  • upside/down

    startingover- your reasoning is very flawed. On the surface it looks good but you make some false assumptions and then build on these using false deduction and reasoning.

    Sex drive 100% hormonal? Says who?

    God can't give us something He doesn't have? Says who? Humans have many things "God" doesn't- ie. limititations, physicial bodies,sex etc.

    Angels don't "marry", where does it say they don't have a spiritual equivelant of sex?

    There are "perverted" humans that have sex with animals, corpses etc. Cannot angels be just as "debased"?

    There couldn't have been that many materialized angels- there weren't that many women (or people) for that matter, on the Earth.

    We don't know what goes on in the spirit realm. How come the reverse is true ex: I want to be like an angel, although I've never been in the spirit realm. Does that make me debased too?

    While debunking the account as pure fiction.... just as with ALL FABLES, do we miss the "moral" of the story or is this BS too?

    If it's all BS why do you waste your valuable brain power and time even discussing it. Although some things are highly questionable and definitely open to debate and scrutiny, there is still VALUABLE lessons here. I've seen some great legitimate exercises in logic and paradigm shift here... this isn't one of them.

    u/d the cynic

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