Even stranger than drunken Noah - why did angels want sex with women?

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  • eyeslice

    This is a sort of parallel thread to the drunken Noah thread.

    The Genesis account of angels 'materialising' and having sex with women always worried me as a witness. In all animals, man included, the sex drive is hormonal.

    Young children generally have no sex drive; how many little lads do you know who are totally 'anti-girl'; kissing is sloppy, etc? As we change from children to adults, hormones start to kick in, making the opposite sex attractive to us. As we get older, the balance of sex hormones starts to change again - we men may need viagra and you women HRT (hormone replacement therapy) in order to fan the flames of passion.

    Presumably, angels, being spirit creatures, have no hormones, so why would they ever want to have 'relations' with women? Also, we animals generally (and I say generally) are not attracted to the opposite sex of other species. There is no way I would find a female chimp attractive, no matter how good looking she was in her world!.

    Finally, although having no gender, these angels choose to become men and have relations with women. Why not the other way round? Surely there must have been good looking men they could have materialised as women for.


  • Elsewhere

    Spirit creatures have Spirimones.

    Interestingly Spirimones only cause Angels to get hot for female human booty.

    I wonder if any Angels found snails to be particularly hot and materialized as a snail to get down and slimy with a hot chickie snail?

  • Valis
    Surely there must have been good looking men they could have materialised as women for.


    Maybe that's why Lot's wife looked back...


    District Overbeer

  • l3gi0n

    LOL. nice.. Angles must have a lot of pent up sexual frustration.

  • Narkissos

    Again the link to Leolaia's thread: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/10/68224/1.ashx

    In the first place the story is not about angels but gods: this is the obvious meaning of the expression "sons of god(s)" in its early polytheistic context. Intercourse between "gods" and "mortals," resulting in "semigod" or "hero" offspring, happens in many mythologies.

  • MonkeyPrincess

    Yes eyeslice, very interesting.
    Anyone know how they were able to reproduce as well?

    Its an odd story, especially one that is inappropriate to be in the bible story book.


  • Dustin

    That's a really funny thought. Why aren't there angel chicks in heaven to mate with? They shouldn't be coming down here stealing our hotties!


  • eyeslice


    What a great expression 'angel chicks' - sounds like a corny chat-up line. Do you also have 'angel dudes'?


  • melmac

    I guess Narkissos has a point here... Zeus himself was very fond of displays of magnificence in order to get laid...

    But I never realized that angels are not meant to have sex drive, because they have no hormones! Great insight!!

  • Leolaia

    Jewish traditions about the fallen angels and giants are directly dependent on Canaanite and Mesopotamian legends of the gods. Some of the names of the fallen angels in 1 Enoch (the source of Jude's refererences to the fallen angels and Enoch) recall names and epithets of Canaanite gods and heroes, and they meet at Mount Hermon (1 Enoch 6:6) -- the same locale as the divine assembly in Ugaritic myth. In the Book of Giants in the Dead Sea Scrolls, one of the giants was named "Gilgamesh" -- who in the Epic of Gilgamesh was also part human and part god.

    The names of other giants in the Book of Giants are also likely derived from Canaanite deities:


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