Bush failure or stable Iraq?

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  • Spartacus

    6of9 perhaps he would have made a great President but we will never know will we, why? Bush with all his faults and screw ups Kerry could not convince America that he was the right man. I tell you the proof is in the pudding, he failed against a man who America was ready to vote out but Kerry was viewed as a worse choice than Bush, now how is that possible? Kerry is just that sorry for the simple answer. Kerry is the one who came back from Vietnam, betrayed his military brothers, and falsely implicated them in war atrocities. Yeah, you want a President who said he personally killed innocent women and children, burned down villages, and tortured innocent people, that is a bunch of BS if I never heard it. He is lucky that one of those guys did not knock his teeth out for that.

    The Democrats have let us down by putting up such a sorry man up for election who did not accomplished one thing in his 20 years as a Senator, as I said before his Senate record was so sorry he had to rely on his very questionable war record. The Democrats will pay a long term penalty for that which not a good thing, America needs another choice other than Republicans.

    Kerry grew up rich who had everything laid out on a silver platter for him. Many people from his social class thought there were too good to fight in a war, just like Bush he ducked too. The man is of poor character period, he could not even beat Bush. Hell I could have beat Bush! We don't need his type running anything, his type need to spend his money and stay the hell out the way. The Senate needs real men, not those who never had to wipe their own arses how can anyone build character of leaders if they never had to strain and work for anything during their formative years, he was protected and coddled like a little bitch.

    Ted Kennedy is another one, he needs to get the hell out of the way and let someone else have that spot, neither one of them would have a original thought if they were on acid!

    OK? If Kerry is your political star, then more power to you, God speed to ya.

  • heathen

    Well folks, after onas last post the only thing left is to declare Peace and security ............

  • hillary_step


    I have been envloved in wars, right here in the streets of America, been shot at a few times.

    It is always best leaving the safety catch on when you practice the 'quick-draw' technique.


  • SixofNine

    Spartacus, I really don't care much at this point to discuss John Kerry as a potential president, because he isn't a potential president.

    However you are argueing against a demonstrably brave man, using false biography that you either just-made-up, or you took from dishonest sources. Either way, you're an idiot.

    Since you're so willing to spout partisanly jingoistic lies about a man who at this point has little or nothing to do with your original argument, I can't believe your research or thought process could possibly be any more honest or intelligent about GW Bush, Iraq, the MiddleEast in general, or... well, pretty much anything.

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    o0o...say "partisanly jingoistic" again....

  • Spartacus

    6of9 it does not matter to me if you believe me, but you are welcome to listen and watch for yourself.




  • xenawarrior

    wow- it's deja vu all over again

  • heathen

    Let's face the facts here , the facts indicate that the religious fundies all grouped together and condemned gay marriage then went out and voted for GW .It's the only reason why people voted anyway . I was shocked when the vatican stepped in and condemned John Kerry because of his stance of separation of church and state . John Kerry represented freedom and equality in his campaign while GW showed the religious intolerance that has plagued civilization for eternity. Go figure ..................

  • undercover

    This will be controversial but here goes anyway:

    W took a page out of Lincoln's book; something is needed to rally the people to accept the cause.

    In Lincoln's case he needed to get people to support the war effort against the Confederates. Slavery became the battle cry. Free the slaves. Even today, 140 some years later, a lot of people think that the War Between the States was entirely about the slave issue. It wasn't what started the war, it wasn't the main issue early on, but it became the focal point of the war by it's end and is what is remembered by most people today. The slave issue was a good one and worked to help win the war for the North and end slavery in the US. Lincoln came out looking good and winning the hearts of Amercians to this day.

    George W. in trying to win re-election needed a cause. The war in Iraq was going badly, Osama bin Laden was still at large, the economy still had not recovered, Kerry was neck in neck in the polls. W had already wrapped himself in the flag, but it wasn't enough. So with flag in one hand he grabbed a Bible in the other and appealed to the fundies of the land. And they bought it. They came out in numbers to support the candidate who more closely resembled themselves in being God-fearing, gay-hating, fundamentalist Christian types. All the while, the real issues were completely ignored by these voters who were more worried about gay marriage than an illegal invasion into another country based on lies and deceit. Only time will tell if W comes out looking good and being remembered as a liberator of oppressed people or as the architect of a doomed war in the Middle East.

  • roybatty

    I think most people forget the history of our own country. Imagine yourself with Washington in 1777. You're stuck at Valley Forge, your general keeps getting his ass kicked by the redcoats and British general Howe is about to step on your throat. How many people would have bet on the Continental Army? How many would have wondered "is this rebellion a failure?" Were things really "that bad" under British rule that you would sacrifice your life or the life of your family for freedom? I believe the same can be said about Saddam's rule. In the end, only the opinion of the Iraqi people will truly matter.

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