Special announcment 20 march fore JW ?

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  • TheEdge

    TWO months? another book maybe? ... can't be another Armageddon date surely (the last 7 or so have been embarrassing) .....I know, maybe the TWO months is to keep the rank and file ''on the ball'' while giving the WTS ''thinking time''??

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    They pull this every year at Memorial time. I can only remember the gist...about how bible studies are available to anyone, or the date of the "special talk," or is it the invitation to the Memorial.... or something like that. Every year, everyone got excited-as though the date of Armageddon was going to be announced. Surely most of them have figured out the pattern...just like summer follows spring.

    Shoshana (who is happy that the little jiggy-jog between Christian lunar calendar and Jewish Lunar calendar puts Passover a month later than Easter, and after her final exams...)

  • cyber-sista

    the annoucement will probably be another anouncement of an upcoming special talk and that talk will be an annoucenment of an upcoming speical annoucement and on and on and on and on and on........The organization keeps spinning it's members in circles--they get so dizzy they don't know which way is up after a while....

  • Mark

    They will be releasing the new edition of the 'Organized' book to publishers on that date.


  • blondie

    We'll find out eventually. Every time the WTS does this, the rank and file are always let down.

    What idiots, the Bible says that it would come at a time they would think unlikely.

    New organized book sounds good too.

    I think the light has shown more brightly on several thinks that were clarified and adjusted. For example, it is congregation book study overseer (not conductor) now.

    Didn't we have a thread on this?


  • DaCheech

    I think the "org" of the "borg" book is the ticket!

  • DaCheech

    I'll try to get 10 copies and sell them on ebay. All money to go to the red cross of course!

  • Mathieu

    Maybe they will remember us the Memorial.. on march 24th!

  • steve2

    The announcement may be along the lines of the following: The light has now got so bright that it's just too blind-inducing for mere mortals (i.e., non-governing body members) to actually see anymore. But, this sounds awfully like more of the same. Like a special meeting that we all had to go to in 1977: How excited we all were. I think it had to do with the "new light" on 1975. An elder I really looked up to spent the whole special meeting talking outside the hall to another elder. I remember how disturbed I felt that, at this momentous time, two shining lights in the district should take it all so lightly.

  • Elsewhere

    lmao... I still can't get over the fact that they made an announcement to notify everyone that they plan on making an announcement.

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