Special announcment 20 march fore JW ?

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  • happy man
    happy man

    Someone informed me today that in two months time there will be a "special announcement" to all congregations. Everyone must be present at the Kingdom Hall for it.

    My elders already know what it is, but won't tell me.
    Something in Febr KM about this: This is on a sunday, very intresting Some how knows what this is about?
  • JustTickledPink

    There was the story that the Awake magazine was going to be published only once a month and was supposed to be announced in the KM. Don't know if that was it or not... there was another thread about it.

  • JH

    Why do they have to wait 2 months to say what they could say today?

    Sounds like a soap opera

  • Elsewhere

    The WTS just looooves being mellow dramatic.

    They do this every time they want to announce that The End of the World is Any Day Now? !!!

    I'd be willing to bet that all the fuss has to do with the elimination of one bi-weekly Awake! magazine. The reason why they need to have a special meeting is to show all of the stupid little sheep how to offer the magazines at the door minus one Awake! issue. You see... the average JW will not have a clue how to do this on their own. Not to mention that the WTS will want to make sure their sales force publishers keep offering the products literature in a consistent manner throughout the country.

  • Sweetp0985

    i oughta go home and call up my mom and tell her before it actually happens to see if i was right...that'll freak her out...lol

    UPDATE....lol...i didnt have to wait to go home....she just called me on my cell phone and i mentioned it.....i said..ya'll about to be getting one Awake a month huh...."where you heard that from???" oh don't worry about where i heard it...instead of getting 2 watchtowers and 2 awakes a month..ya'll only gonna be getting 1 awake....."oh...well maybe they just cutting back"......no ya'll haven't been donating to the worldwide work like you supposed to...."MAYBE ITS JEHOVAH CUTTING BACK, you need to make sure your sources that you get your information from are not being hurtful to the org (apostate) and be careful where you get your info"....i told her i got it from a real good source..but i planted the "seed" as they say and when she hears it again...i know she'll think about what i told her and come ask me where did i get it from again and of course she'll tell me the corny reason they give as to why this is taking place.....

    i bet this is just what all the other little good dubs are gonna think too

  • steve2

    This is so earth-shakingly important and means one thing for absolutely certain:

    That the world has at the very least just over two months to go before the Great Tribulation strikes.

    Jehovah God would never upset the Governing Body by bringing this present system to an end before an important announcement has been made at the Kingdom Halls. So, everyone, let's celebrate: We've still got at least two months before the end which is sooooooo very, very near....

  • Incense_and_Peppermints
    Why do they have to wait 2 months to say what they could say today?

    i think it goes beyond melodramatic - and is something sinister. i remember how i was when i was in, and any time anything like this happened (which was rare), everyone (myself included) would get all nervous and really start redoubling their efforts because you never know, they just might be announcing that armageddon was gonna hit that day... it gets people stirred up and even more clingy.

  • Gill

    What is it that they feel the need to say that they daren't put down in writing?!

  • Incense_and_Peppermints

    i suspect this is the dawn of a new age for jw's... more verbal, less paper trails...

  • Gill

    You can't show it before hand on the internet then, can you? If it's hearsay, it remains that way until it's said. Maybe the net is getting to them.

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