Who here went to Pioneer School?

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  • keeshah

    Big Tex... You think YOUR embarrassed? I'm a terrible note taker and I HATED to study, so most of mine is just scriptures copied into my book. I figured if someone looked over my shoulder, they would think that I really studied. Of course, that young do-gooder sister that I was rooming with knew the truth. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have studied at all.

    My MOST embarrassing moment... when I had to actually talk at a door with the DO supervizing me. I was so nervous and wanted to do something GREAT that I took the King James Version out of my bag for the householder and asked her if she would like to follow along (to compare translations). When we got back to the Hall, I had to sit thru him telling EVERYONE that we have "THE BEST" translation and we do not need to try to prove it to the householder (unless they bring it up).

  • Sweetp0985

    i quit being a pioneer about a month before the great pioneer school.....i missed all that good wholesome association and most of all ...the food....lol

  • upside/down

    I was short on time 3 years running and so wasn't allowed to go...

    But damn it I went the fouth year and that was when the "new" pio school book was released ('92?) I can' even remember anymore.

    Anyway- Attended at Sioux City Iowa, with no a/c during a heat wave with 100% humidity (some dumb asses in attendance wore their suit coats to show how "loyal" they were). Tom Bucher and Bro. Shaw were the CO's.

    My dog died while at the school- I was bummed!


  • LittleToe

    OMG - THe Pioneer School killed your dog! B*st*rds!!!

    ~starts muttering stuff~

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