Who here went to Pioneer School?

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  • Mulan
    Back in my pioneering days - early to mid 1970s - I don't think there was such a school--- certainly not in New Zealand.

    I think they started it in the mid 70's...............maybe late 70's. To qualify to go, you had to agree to be sent to "where the need was greater". Many agreed, just so they could go to the school. And, you had to be invited...............it wasn't automatic that you would be invited just because you were a pioneer.

  • LDH
    Some 'Illuminators' we made.....lol

    HS, I was thinking, TRUE, but not at that time. I guarantee your worth as an Illuminator is much more valuable to the human family with you on this side of the fence!

    Funky Derek, when I am going to learn to stop eating before I read your remarks?


    Spewed Toasted Coconut Cashews from Trader Joe's Class

  • keeshah

    Big Tex... I've seen them go off between $98 and $125. I listed mine at $99.99 --- buy it now for $125. It sold in less than 3 hours. And yes, it had TONS of notes in it. Everyone's does. I took a picture of the front cover and a picture of the pages with the most notes.


  • keeshah

    well, the link doesn't seem to be working. Just go to ebay and type...


    into the search.

  • HICFlyGirl


    I went in 1996. I was only 16yrs old. Hated every minute of it. Only looked forward to lunch everyday. Man there was some good cookin' there. I still have my book and my group shot. I went to school in Smyrna Ga. (Shoot me).

    The most memorable moment was when one of my fellow teenage students ran back to the restroom crying her eyes out because her good friend was being d/fed. After hearing this statement, I ran back to my seat thinking, 'who in there right mind would be upset about someone being d/fed?'. GOD! I am sooooo glad those days are over. What a little beeeootch that I was. AAAwww, it makes me who I am now, woundn't take it back for the world.

    Nina, you guys are my inspiration. I love you guys, man.


  • Aude_Sapere
    YES! PUT THEM ON EBAY! I just got $125 for mine!!!

    Y'all might not see me for a few days. I'm gonna go dig up that book...

  • under74

    Peter Michas and Bill Spangenburg

    weird. I haven't thought of those names in a long time. If I remember right (I was a kid at the time) Michas was CO at one point (?) to the KH I went to as a kid. I remember he visited and took charge when the kingdom melodies were being sang...I think my congregation bought him and his wife an RV...I was around 11 so I could be getting things mixed up. Is that where the donations go?

    Anyway, I remember Spangenburg. My mom seemed to like him...like I said, I was young and I blocked a lot of this stuff out.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Yep Keeshah yours looks exactly like mine! Dang mine has got notes everywhere.

    Gotta admit, I'm kinda embarassed reading through some of this stuff. I bought it hook line and sinker.

  • scootergirl

    I went in Summer of 86...and I too loved every minute of it. I like research and reading. Plus, it was in a different city so for a young girl it was an opportunity to travel (LOL....how pathetic!). I came across my book a year ago...highlighted in two different colors, three different colors of ink...scriptures quoted. I was gonna toss it but gave it to someone who has a "collection" of jw books.

  • heatherg

    Guilty. Summer of 1995 in Oshkosh, WI. Got rid of my book years ago. But I still have the photo. As far as I know, I'm the only one that got df'd. I really like our C.O. he and his wife were from Hawaii, and were sooo cool. Not every discussion you had with them had to be spiritual. They liked to have fun.
    His first name was Leonard and his wife was Roxanne, but I can't remember there last name, anyone out there know?

    Funny experience though, out in service during pioneer school. We were practicing approaching people on the street and as I approached a woman and began to talk to her she took off in a run away from, and stupidly I chased her for a minute yelling that I just wanted to talk! Apparently she knew enough to get away before being sucked in! Only wished I had gone with her then!

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