Slow to help....Quick to punish!

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  • Sweetp0985

    and then to add insult to injury freedomfrog...they'll give their lil encouraging talks in the near future so everyone will have an "IDEA" (their idea only) of what happened.....

  • Odrade

    I like Seven006's suggestion. In fact, write them a letter that contains exactly what you wrote in your initial post on this thread. If they have ANY conscience at all, they will think twice about chasing you down after reading that.

    Of course we know what the odds are that they will drop their witchhunt.

  • jgnat

    If I am sounding like a "worldly-never-been-JW-woman-you-just-don't-understand", just slap me.

    But it seems to me all the energy and emotion you are expending on the elders would be better spent on your extended family. It seems to me you could beat and grovel at that WT door, and they can still shut you out. It all depends on what instructions they have been given, and you have no control over that. Then how will you feel afterwards...used? Abused? If, on the other hand, you beat and grovel at your natural family's feet, perhaps there is some chance of movement.

  • FreedomFrog
    If I am sounding like a "worldly-never-been-JW-woman-you-just-don't-understand", just slap me.

    I know that you understand.

    At first I was thinking about going to the JC. After giving much thought I just don't want to go through with it and had decided not to. I actually decided right after I got off the phone with my Mom this morning. Now I'm trying to come up with a strategy to get my parents to see the TRUTH about the truth on their own.

    This post is really just an observance. An "interesting" point.


  • beebee

    Question from another outside (please don't slap me... ) :) Could you get the people you asked to help you study in trouble for NOT coming to your call? Could you use some of the quotes other people gave? Seems to me their sin of "allowing you to weaken" to the point where you "gasp" put up Xmas lights is worse than the lights themselves. Kind of like the grownup who gets busted for buying cigarrettes for the kid down the street???? Oh yeah, that's logical. Seems to me from what little I know logic rarely plays into anything... :(

  • LittleToe

    JC's are emotional nightmares.

    If your aim is helping them to "see", then how will they react if you are DF'ed? WIll the avenue close?
    With a softly-softly approach it could take some time. Hence my suggestion of a potential "out", fromDF'ing.

    Have you read "Amazing"'s article on extracting his family?
    I think it's been moved from here, by his own request and for good reason. However it may still be available from Randy's site (Freeminds), else you could always PM him for a copy.

  • stillajwexelder

    Similar experience - not with me but a sister I know in another congregation. She begged for help of the elders and begged for a shepherding call - her husbands father was (still is) an elder believe it or not. No help came for years - then she made a mistake - they could not get a JC together fast enough - The system absolutely stinks - it was the final thing that convinced me that this was NOT Jehovahs organization -- very very slow to love, very very quick to punish

  • Jez

    I wish I had wrote letters to all of my 'friends' in the congregation BEFORE I was dfed to let them know my side of the story. I would be felt better now, knowing that I put a little dent into their fantasy world of "tsk tsk, it's all your fault" Why not write to your family and friends while you still can?

    I said to one of the elders that 'visited' me last week, "is there not more joy over the one that was 'found' again than all the ones that had remained?" "yes" "then why not put more effort into 'helping' me? Why wait 8 months to respond to a heartfelt letter? It is clear that you are not applying the principle of that scripture"


  • FreedomFrog

    LT...Your suggestion was a good one too. But I was also "caught" going into a church. I want to serve God and I'm still searching. I just don't want to serve him under any obligation anymore. If I did put Dave through this (which I'd hate him having to do it just for me) I still have to answer to the JC about going to the Church. I guess I could say it was me evil twin sister.

    I think that their (my parents) reaction to me getting DF'd will be that they will do their own research. I do have some hope held out that they will lighten up a bit after a couple of years. Especially if I start calling with things like Sierra's baby appointments and Zach's first tooth coming out and other things that involve their grandkids.

    I read Amazing's tactics of getting his family out. That was pretty smart. Unfortunately I live 2 hours away. I still will be throwing lot's of love towards my family. If they ever need help, I will be there. Hopefully that will help.

    And you're right, JC are very traumatic. I've been through a couple myself. I DON'T want to go through it again.


    That's a good point. I think I will send letters out to my family. I already gave my parents a 50 page packet with the points I don't agree with the WT. My mom doesn't throw anything away. So maybe she'll come across it in a year or so and do more research on her own.


  • fairchild

    Sorry for barging in here, but what exactly is a JC meeting?

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