Slow to help....Quick to punish!

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  • FreedomFrog

    Ok...thought this was interesting.

    Mom called this morning practically begging me to go to the JC meeting that's coming up this weekend. I explained that I had asked 6 different elders to get a study started with me within a span of 4 years because I was "feeling weak". I was "losing sight of the truth". Each time I asked for a study I would say "I need help because I'm losing faith". They would say "we're trying to find someone "right" for you". This went on for several years. I finally asked this Pioneer sister that is known to have a "good standing with Jehovah" to study with me. At that time I was still convinced that the JW's WERE right and I was just losing faith. They came to me (and her) saying that THEY will get someone for me and that it will be soon.

    Then several months went on without anyone contacting me. MY HUSBAND then went to them saying that "I think that my wife's faith is very weak right now and she NEEDS someone to study with her". Several months past and he AGAIN went to them a second time. "Brother's my wife NEEDS help now". I finally said to myself, forget them...I'll find out for myself. As I was digging deeper I was finding out how wrong they were.

    I asked Mom..."why would I go through all that when for several years I was asking for help and the moment I put up lights they were there (the day before and the day after Christmas) demanding for a JC meeting?" They are SLOOOOOOOOW to help but quick to punish!!!

    She told me that I didn't "wait on Jehovah" long enough. UGH!!

    I'm glad they didn't come and "help" because now I'm out of the madness...but man-ol-man.


  • avishai

    A similar thing happened to me. It sucks, and yes, they are slow to help, quick to punish. Often if you are'nt in the "in" clique in a cong. you won't get help.

  • candidlynuts

    whats that parable about the sheep wandering off and the shepard will leave his flock to go gather that sheep back to the fold?

    guess they never read that one. ugh.

  • dh

    Get them to put it in writing in a mailed letter that they want a meeting and exactly why they want a meeting, and advise them that you will have to check your legal position with your lawyer.

  • seven006


    Just curious, are you baptized? I've been out too long to remember if the JW's can count time studying with a baptized person. If so, you may have your answer.


  • Elsewhere

    Go on to the JC... only bring a lawyer with you.

    Warn the lawyer ahead of time that the elders will protest... he/she will get a funny little smerk and tell you that he/she does have every right to be there and the elders cannot do anything about it.

    I've never heard of elders DFing a person in front of a lawyer.

  • calamityjane
    She told me that I didn't "wait on Jehovah" long enough

    I so much hate that phrase Like how long did you have to wait for their help.

    Seven006 had a good point.


  • Elsewhere
    Seven006, I've been out too long to remember if the JW's can count time studying with a baptized person.

    Currently JWs can only count time with an un-baptized person.

  • seven006

    ***Currently JWs can only count time with an un-baptized person.***

    So much for doing something out of love. If you can't deposit it into your hour bank, why do it?

    You will know my people for their love of filling out their time slips.

    I think the JW's need a little work in their customer service department.


  • Narkissos


    This gave me the impression that the level of commitment and even sincerity among JWs has dropped dramatically. Had I been addressed such a request when I was an active JW I would immediately have responded, I guess.

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