Best "quote" by your spouse.

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  • zev
    but what do you call roundabouts?


    or rotorys

    i dont remember how we spell them.


    When my wife and I play video games together, she can really cuss me out. Being that I am naturally better at everything than her she often resorts to mere vituperation.

    One day when she was... erm.. I was LETTING her win... she had the bad manners to turn and shriek (in a room full of friends, mind you) "Take it like a bitch!"

    And then when I was winning, she shrieked, "You suck d*** for bus fare then walk home!"

    How can you NOT be in love with somebody like that?


    that was great!

  • Angharad
    You know that the dial was faulty ...

    hmmm funny how it was working perfectly before that day and then seemed to work perfectly again after that day, maybe it was the weather dear

    And I don't care how ya spell it-it's still a valid point!

    Yeah nice to know not everyone has nothing better to do than bitch about a mis-spelt word.

    Make sure you're wearing your boots and have a hard on before you step on the site.
    LOL Scully, I'll bet he's never been allowed to forget that one !
  • seawolf
    but what do you call roundabouts?


    or rotorys

    i dont remember how we spell them.

    Here's they've always been called "traffic circles."

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Over here we call them "crop circles." It's where the illegal aliens land, right?

    Country Girl, who has "crops in her top, and a cropped top"

  • Dan-O

    My favorite Mrs. O quote goes back to when we were in college. She was arguing with her roommate & asked her "Are you hard of hearing or hard of thinking?"

  • FreedomFrog

    We were low on groceries one day and so I didn't know we were out of sugar. I was sick and hubby was "taking care of me" when I asked if he would make me some tea. He goes, makes the tea and brings it back to me...

    Here...taste it. (saying sheepishly)

    Blah!!!! What did YOU do to the tea???

    Ummm...well, we were out of sugar so I put grape jelly in it.


  • stillajwexelder

    know you have intersections where we have junctions, but what do you call roundabouts?


  • jeanniebeanz
    "Kids!!! Get away from that wasp! It'll bite you with its bottom!!!!!'

    Just laughed coffee out my nose. <ouch> Thanks for that


  • Iskra

    Why pay for a steak when I have a perfectly good hamburger at home.

  • Preston

    "Don't do anything I wouldn't do...namely nude sky-diving and bible study."

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