Please Read!

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  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Doe, you certainly must be kidding!


  • iiz2cool

    "Did any of you bother to find out if Bethel approved this website????????"

    We do not require the "approval" of Bethel? or any of its skanky members.

    As for talking to elders, most elders would not dare talk to us because they're afraid of truth.


  • Swan

    Oh oh! I hope we don't get into trouble.

    What about being neutrality on topics of English soccer teams (a.k.a. football, as it is known in the UK)? We can take sides on that, can't we? The owner of this site has a bad habit of promoting one team over another, which may be construed as a form of nationality. But it is his site. Still, if Bethel says it's not okay, does Simon have to remove those posts?


  • RunningMan

    As Homer Simpson would say - "Doh!"

  • Sunspot

    **Did any of you bother to find out if Bethel approved this website????????

    As a registered user------did YOU?

  • Elsewhere

    This forum is not owned by or controled by the Watchtower Society. We do not need to check with them regarding any content.

  • Scully

    talk to an elder??

    ummm why would I want to do that? Are you going to get in trouble for posting here too?? Did you talk to an elder about posting here? Since when can someone not express their opinion on political matters in the world, while still maintaining an officially "neutral" stance by not voting or running for political office? Last time I checked, Jehovah's Witnesses have Freedom of Speech and are free to form personal opinions on anything they want.

    Thanks anyway Mom Doe!

  • Kenneson

    Well, Bethel may be neutral on politics, but when it comes to other sites besides their own official one, they're not! But, they do endorse freedom of speech and press, especially when it comes to their own.

  • Swan

    I was also wondering, since I don't know any elders to run to any more, can I use yours? Feel free to post their names and phone numbers so I can call them and make sure it's okay! I sure want to do the right thing.


  • frenchbabyface

    Please Read!
    ... yeah please READ !!! and do not forget to THINK

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