We're Studying The Daniel Book........ Again!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    His chariot sure needs a tune up.


  • Pistoff

    HOly cow, too funny--blondies list of publishers and gill's family trials!!!! Me, I will make probably 40% of the BS's, unfortunately. This book is SO bad. I remember it as being the 1919 book; every three pages was something that happened in 1919. ARRGGHHH.

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    I was bored so I just dug out my copy of this veritable spiritual feast of a book. Page 303 explains Daniel's 1335 days (my comments are in red / ridiculous Watchtower comments in bold)

    Happiness For the Holy Ones: "Happy in the one who is keeping in expectation and who arrives at the 1335 days." (Daniel 12:12). The angel gives no clues as to when this period begins or ends. But the Watchtower will explain anyway. History suggests (that's Watchtower history) that it simply follows on the heels of the preceding period. In that case it would run from the autumn of 1922 to the late spring of 1926. Did the holy ones come to a state of happiness by the end of that period. Yes, in important spiritual ways.

    Even after the convention in 1922 (picture shown on page 302) (and you've never seen a bunch of more miserable, po-faced people), some of God's holy ones were still looking longingly into the past. The basic study material for their meetings was still the Bible (see - these poor people had to study the bible of all things at meetings) and the volumes of Studies in the Scriptures, by C.T.Russell. At that time there was a widely held view that pointed to 1925 as the year for the resurrection to begin and for Paradise to be restored to the earth. Thus many were serving with a fixed date in mind. Some proudly refused to share in the work of preaching to the public. This was not a happy state of affairs.

    You can blame this 'widely held view' on Judge Rutherford who predicted 1925 in his work of complete nonsense "Millions Now Living Will Never Die". There's a term for this and it's called 'false prophecy'!

    As the 1335 days progressed, however, all of this began to change. Preaching came to the fore, as regular arrangements for everyone to participate in the field ministry were established. Meetings were scheduled to study the Watchtower each week. (Now that's better. Forget the bible and study the Watchtower instead) The issue of March 1, 1925 carried the historic article "Birth of a Nation", giving God's people a full understanding of what happened in the 1914-1919 period. (Maybe someone on the forum knows if this is still the same understanding as today, or if it is 'old light') After 1925 passed, the holy ones no longer served God with an immediate, explicit deadline in view.(Well not until 1975 at least!) ...At the convention in May 1926, the book 'Deliverance' was released. This was one of a series of books designed to replace 'Studies in the Scriptures'. No longer were the holy ones looking to the past. They were looking confidently to the future and the work ahead.(After the failed 1925 fiasco I'm sure they were anything but confident) As prophesied, the 1335 days therefore ended with the holy ones in a happy state.

    Think about that last statement for a moment. What it in affect says is that bible prophesy was fulfilled because Judge Rutherford's prophecy failed. They were 'happy' that the Judge had screwed up and so fulfilled Daniel 12:12. So Rutherford's insane ramblings must actually have been part of god's great plan!

    With all these prophetic marks to identify "the holy ones of the Supreme One", what excuse can there be for failure to recognise them and associate with them?

    God's great plan of course was to create an organisation of false prophets. Now hands up, name just one excuse for not recognising them?


  • JustTickledPink

    That last line about what excuse can you come up with for NOT recognizing them as the chosen ones, puts all the blame on the reader as if they are at fault if they don't think the WTS is God's chosen nation.

  • lawrence

    City Fan-

    Thanks for the posting! What a load of crap- Happiness For the Holy Ones - the depression was a great song and dance after the 1335 days and 7 bowls poured out from Cedar Points forward. They still won't give up the "Judge's juice dreams." I remember at the end when I no longer could conduct my book study and one night shut down the house on book study night - they studied downstairs at another Witness apartment, with a pissed off elder, who rushed over to conduct (as if it were a Symphony Orchestra). It was over that night - couldn't teach the rubbish no longer.

  • jws
    Beginning the week of April 17, we will study Pay Attention to Daniel?s Prophecy! in the Congregation Book Study. Many have already read this fascinating book, but now we have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that come from a group discussion of the material. All publishers, interested ones, and children are invited, yes, encouraged, to be present each week for this in-depth study of the Bible book of Daniel.?Deut. 31:12, 13.

    Group discussion? Since when was there a discussion? Discussion usually means people feeding off of each others comments. Not just a canned question with a canned response.

    I got this book when the JWs came to my door a few years ago (not knowing my past). What a bore-fest! Expect another dip in numbers next year if this is what meetings have to offer.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Doubtful, when did this come out????

    I remember when that book came out at the assembly I stayed up for most of the night trying to make sense of the whole dating thing and I got to the point that I had a couple of beers and, wow, THEN it seemed to make some amount of sense, that is until the next day.

    I gave up.

  • AlmostAtheist

    When I was a MS, I had the "privilege" of being a last-minute subtitute conductor for the Revelation book. The question was something like "What flawed reasoning led some into mariolatry?" The group just sat and stared at me and each other, so I prodded a bit, then finally asked, "Who knows what 'mariolatry' means?" Immediately one sister smiled and starting shaking her head. Nobody had a clue. Here we were, discussing the material, but nobody had a single guess as to what we were talking about.

    So we all ducked back into the paragraph and dug out that it was "Mary-worship". Then we went on with our quoting-from-the-paragraph-to-answer-the-question-asked-by-the-paragraph "discussion".

    Shame it wasn't "treat night", we might've had a better turn out...

    While we're listing meeting attenders, don't forget Brother ParrotsWordsFromTheParagraphWithoutEvenKnowingWhatTheyMean


  • stillajwexelder

    was Book Study Conductor, when we studied it the first time. Their handling of the 1290 and 1335 days (Dan.12) almost "stumbled" me at the time. After going through the material several times I succeeded in brainwashing myself with the presented view enough to teach it enthusiastically. I remember getting some wry looks from the group, who obviously found it hard to swallow.

    It was one of the few times I truly lost my integrity, by forcing myself to believe something presented from the hallowed halls of Brooklyn. I continue to have a sense of shame about it, to this day. It's been an important lesson learnt, though!

    I agree Little Toe - I just refused to answer on this section -I just do not know how they have the nerve to print it

  • Poztate
    I remember when that book came out at the assembly I stayed up for most of the night trying to make sense of the whole dating thing and I got to the point that I had a couple of beers and, wow, THEN it seemed to make some amount of sense, that is until the next day.

    I rememberwhen that book came out at the assssembly I strayed up (hic) most of the night (had to get up to pee) trying to make sense of the hole dating thing. Read an article called...Dating..Is it for Christians?? but that just confused me summmore (hic) Finally I just finished my researchand went to bed.

    I'm sure it will become clearer soon but for now I still have double double vision (hic)

    It sure is hard to do all this DEEP RESEARCH with the truth.

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