Watchtower Observer site goes down

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  • Kent

    Yes. [email protected] is the address to my PayPal account.

    Also, I have already received 3 payments, $200 total, so it seems things is working :)

    Thanks a lot, folks!

  • Kent

    That's true, Simon. And thanks for the donations so far. I have received confirmation from PayPal for the $200, so thanks a lot. You're right i never used the account. I'm new to this, but I guess it works. It looks that way, anyway.

    Saxotech told me on phone what they expected to do the job, and I have not got a bill so far. When I do, I will post a copy on the board, so everyone can see their original bill.

    It would be nice if anyone actually wanted to HOST the Watchtower Observer. It could be run as a joint venture between more than one, of course, but it would be nice to know if anyone actually want to host it. Saving the content isn't much important if it won't be published, right? I'm not quite sure of the size, but a few houndred MB might be about it :) It's rather huge, I believe.

    As for legal trouble, I believe there is a lot of ways to defend the content. Remember, the Watchtower tried to get the content away before, and the company that hosted the site back then did have a bit more balls. Anyway, the Watchtower complained to the Norwegian police, and lost that one. So, it's absolutely possible to carry the content. It's a lot of fuzz with the Tower - but there is a lot of valid reasons for keeping the content. Remembre, every newspaper is printing copies of segret documents and letters. That's a part of journalism, and as long as these letters and writings proves a company is actually lying in public, nobody can get you for publishing them!

    That was short what this is about. Also, it's possible to host documents on different servers and sites. All documents can be showed on a page on a website, even though the document itself is in another place. Which makes a lot of things more easy. That will be a wild goose chase for the Watchtower, since it's just to change the address where the originals are as soon as needed.

    Be aware that I can prove the Watchtower knowing about sites in Norway carrying the "illigal" content. This was mentioned in the original case with the Norwegian police, who decided the Watchtower just harassed the Watchtower Observer. And, the content is STILL there, and the Watchtower has NEVER demanded it away!

    So - there is a lot to go for, actually. It's fully possible to beat the lying bastards in Brooklyn :)

  • IT Support
    IT Support

    I've just sent my $50 to Kent.

  • pc

    I missed alot of this thread, where do you stand for the money. What does it mean if you get the $500. for the site. I will definetly contribute so please let me know. If you want someone can pm me what needs to be done. pc

  • catchthis

    Imagine how many corporations have headaches over this website regarding internal communications:

    And there is nothing they can do about it either....

  • jgnat

    Hmm, I wonder who hosts ?

  • pepheuga


    waitin' for funds to clear into paypal account. will contribute just as soon as they do.



  • confusedjw

    my $50 is in.

  • Elsewhere

    Another $55 is on the way.

  • IT Support
    IT Support


    Just to try to keep track of what's happening: I make it that we've now sent you $355.

    Is that about right?

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