Who makes the WORST boss.....Male or Female??

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  • Mary

    Hate to say this, but I'd rather work for a man any day that a woman..........I've had 3 women bosses and they were all a bunch of control freaks. Example: the one wrote me up for complaining about a meeting I was forced to go to, because it went way over time. The bitch cc'd Human Resources (to make sure everyone knew how awful I was and so it would go into my personnel file). I did a letter in response where I stated that the meeting was a complete waste of my time, as it had NOTHING to do with my job and it made me 3/4 of an hour late for my other job which I got in trouble for. I then listed my job title and responsibilities, and then I listed all the stuff that I was actually performing (when she found out I had good computer skills, she certainly took advantage of it). I then told her she was knit-picking and contributing to a very stressful environment and if this was the treatment I could continue to look foward to, that she was free to find herself someone else to fill the position. I then cc'd Human Resources and a copy went in to her personnel file.

    I believe what the bible says: Do unto others as they do unto you.

  • under74

    I've had both good and bad of both sexes.

    The absolute best boss I ever had was a woman (always did her fair share of the work, always tried to make things easier for me) she got fired a few months after I took the job.The worst boss I ever had and the replacement was a woman....found out a couple months later when the whole company was overhauled that my original boss was pretty much fired to cover up the missing grant money -it went when the financial director went (a male) Anyway, her replacement was a board member that had her eye on the job for a long time and she was the worst. I didn't think that manipulative, spoiled bitcches in soap operas existed until I came face to face with her. I still hold a special amount of hate in my heart for her and it's been a couple years.

  • codeblue

    Personally, I find it much easier to work around guys!!! (yes, codeblue is a woman!!!)

  • melmac

    There's no rule of thumb. But males tend to be better bosses. They usually don't feel as if they had something to prove (which eventually burdens the subordinate, not the boss).

    I had a boss (female) who would always say to customers: "WE will take care of that". Then, as soon as they left, she'd hand all the work to ME (anyway, I had a male boss who did just the same. You get the work and they get the credit).

    So, I guess bosses, in general, suck!

  • unclebruce

    I mostly prefer having a woman under me than over me but I'm comfortable either way


    ps: minimouse can keep his stereotypists

  • mkr32208

    I would go with female are worse to work for... I think the meaness and bitchyness is an insecurity issue for most! As to being purely incompetent, men are much worse! I think most women who make it to upper management have to be on the ball they had to fight through the glass ceiling... or at least get too the ceiling! Men on the other hand can get promoted with far less effort and brains (at least in my experience) so they are much more likely to be clueless but a clueless boss isn't a bad thing! I once worked for citibank and in the two years I was there I don't think I put in one honest days work... and my boss never even noticed... truly the most incompetent man I have ever met!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I've had a micro-manager male boss and although many people had problems with him, I handled him just fine. I've had female bosses and they've been fantastic as well.

    The cases I've seen, it really depends on the employee more so than on the type of boss.

    I've never had a problem with any of my bosses; and I've even worked for and with down right Rednecks and racist people! Never had a problem.


  • GentlyFeral

    Worst boss I've ever had: a seriously sociopathic drama queen, elderly Filipino lady.

    Most annoying boss I've ever had: white male physician.

    Most ineffectual boss I've ever had: another white male physician.

    Best boss I've ever had: African-American woman physician who bootstrapped her way up from the "projects" of the Bronx (New York, USA). For her I would walk on burning coals...because she'd research it and coach me first. I miss her.


  • outoftheorg

    According to my wife, the females are the worst to work under.

    This got me to thinking and I have asked a few other females, if they prefer a male or female boss.

    Almost all of them around 9 or 10 would rather work with men.

    I had one female boss and the only one there who liked her was a female.

    Go figure??


  • myself

    The worst boss I had was a man. The worse part of the problem was that he was an alcholic. I ran a parts store for him. He would come in drunk and he would reek of it. He even did this on his days off. I left because I knew no matter how hard I tried to keep things going his disease was going to cause him to lose the business. The store had great potential because there was't another one anywhere near by. Some of the local shops had running bets on how quickly he would lose it after I left. The doors shut within 6 months.

    I have had a few female superiors who have been okay. I have butted heads with both male and female bosses when I didn't think things were handled fairly.

    The rest of the bosses I had were for the most part male, including the one I have now. The boss I have now is by far the best person I ever have worked for.

    All in all I think the worst is..... not whether it is a male or female boss, it is the individual. Some just shouldn't be allowed to be the boss.

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