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  • orangefatcat

    Well yesterday I saw the surgeon, with regards to my left hip and because it is so advanced with Osteoarthritis and is crumbling the doctor says my surgical date is March the 3rd. He said also he may have a cancellation for Feburary and I may be able to have that day. Otherwise it is the 3rd. of March.

    I am excited , but very nervous about it all. The specialist told me that when you have a total hip replacement there is quite a bit of blood lose and said that I would require a blood transfusion.

    Imagine how I felt for a moment, here I have had previously 20 or more operations and all without blood and now I am faced with this. It seems wierd to me. But I need to come to grips with this in order for the surgery to be a success. My mind has to be calm and relaxed to some extent so all things will go well. My mind has to be free of burdens. If you understand what I mean.

    The hip replacement is all metal, no plastic or ceramic on account of my weight and age as he said I am very young to have a total hip replacement. He also told me that in another 10 -12 I will need it to be replaced barring all complications. And how fast the bones deteriorate. So I will need to be careful with the first replacement.

    Just thought you would like to know this.

    With love '


    metal on metal....

  • Joyzabel


    hope all goes well. Just keep a good mental outlook and that will help alot.

    Just let the rest of it go. And concentrate on healing after the surgery.



  • candidlynuts

    wow you'll get to forever set off alarms in airports!

    i'm sure it'll be fine, i've known several people who've had it done.. from a 28 yr old man to a late 70s woman. and all of them had great results! good luck!

  • Valis

    good luck with that OFC! Hope all goes well, just make sure he minds the bow tie will you?


    District Overbeer

  • acsot

    Good luck OFC! Everything will be fine, you'll see.

  • mouthy

    OFC!!!! Well at least you know now that a blood transfusion is fine ,,IN THE BLOOD IS LIFE!!!!!so if they are giving you blood they are giving you life, So keep looking forward to March knowing the pain will be better after the operation." Blue Eyes"( dont post anymore on here) had that operation I think it was about 40 yrs ago. & is only now scheduled for it to be done again I think.

    Good luck.... GG

  • blondie

    OFC, I will be thinking about you. Let us know what happens or have a friend just drop us a line. I struggle with arthritis myself and my face an operation in a few years.

    Love, Blondie

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    OFC... You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. btw, I've never been a dub and over my lifetime I have given and received blood several times with no problems. (Actually, you feel better when you receive than when you give...hehe).

    Double Edge

  • orangefatcat

    You are all such wonderful caring friends. I will have my son Richard keep everyone posted as tohow I am doing.

    Blondie dear I am so sorry you suffer badly to with pain. Arthritis is such a terrible painful thing especially when it is in advanced stages. Oh I do wish you well Blondie. And if i haven't mentioned this before I will now. I want you to how much I enjoy and learn from your postings. Do you have the latest WT Library CD? If you do would you make me a copy or if you know of someone who could make me a copy I would be forever indepted to you. Thanks so much.

    Mouthy your a great lady and I have always loved your thoughts, prayers and positive attitude towards life. Your an angel.

    Valis and Ascot, thanks for you positive thoughts. Everytime I see the word smurf I think of you Valis.

    And Candidlynuts, your wonderful too.

    I think of all of you on JWD on a day to day basis and I love being part of this huge family group.

    Love Orangefatcat

  • frenchbabyface

    Best wishes OFC !!!

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