Would You Run For President/Prime Minister/Etc. If You Could???

by minimus 40 Replies latest jw friends

  • franklin J
    franklin J


    yes, you are right,

    Min; sorry; did not mean to hijack your thread ( #$&%?!; excuse me, but I am from New York).

    BTT; The answer would still be NO

  • minimus

    #! YOU, FRANK!

  • Mary

    I would. First thing I'd do is re-instate the death penalty for scum like Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. I would then start spending alot more on our education and health care system, and there would be no more pissing the tax dollars away on crap like the "gun registry" that has cost the Canadian taxpayers over $1 billion dollars so far. I'd also get rid of all the perks and "expense accounts" for the goombas in the government. No more of this $500-for-a-frigging-lunch-for-two crap. They'd be paying for their own lunch, just like everyone else does.

    I couldn't really do much beyond that, because I figure by this point, I'd be assassinated by the powers that be.

  • Mutz

    I think that anybody who WANTS to have power should automatically be excluded from doing so.
    I'd much rather see an elected committee of my peers running things than some control freak or
    self serving nest featherer having any form of control.

  • nicolaou

    I would, and unlike Blair I would actually try to be as hated as possible, at least from certain sections of society - think about it....

    You cannot be loved by everyone.

  • Badger

    No...I don't want to be the one in charge...

    Senator Badger, on the other hand, I could certainly see.

  • blondie

    Would people vote for a lapsed JW?

  • nicolaou
    Would people vote for a lapsed JW?

    Hell yes! - - but only if he/she's lapsed far enough........

  • candidlynuts

    no i wouldnt run for president or prime minister..i might would run for local councilwoman and do something about these damn potholes though!

  • upside/down

    Can you "run" to be Emperor of the World? That's the position I'm interested in..

    And I promise to make all public water fountains dispense beer. (Joe Walsh of The Eagles, ran on this platform in the 70's, for president)

    and Kool Aid in all the kiddie (short) fountains.


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