Out of the Blue, An Elder Calls

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  • xjw_b12

    Awesome rebuttal Free Peace.

    I am as much of an apostate as you?ll ever find, and I am never coming back. Furthermore?just to make my position perfectly clear?IF it is all true and Armageddon does come, I will die flipping Jehovah off while I tell him, ?Fuck you!??

    Who knows? Maybe he'll look into the UN thing, and give you a call. Too bad you don't have his email, this thread would make a nice link.

  • what_Truth?

    The best way to permenently get rid of an elder is to lend him money.

  • Heatmiser

    Awsome response Doug. Love your statement about armegeddon.

    The best way to permenently get rid of an elder is to lend him money.

    So F(*&ing true.

  • Jez

    Wow, your post is timed perfectly as I just got 'the call' as well. They want to meet Wed night. You have given some great ideas.


  • Forscher

    I've been inactive for the better part of two years. Only one call from an elder who'd moved out of town, but nothing from the elders in my last congregation. The last time I went there (for the Memorial) I found out that there is actually some confusion about which congregation I belong to (I live in a city that is big enough for a group of congregations)! Fine with me!

  • Country_Woman

    Maybe this elder is getting start thinking, who knows - you were clear enough....

    I've faded away for 2 years now - my old congregation is in an other regio - 12km away - and they are'nt bothering me. One elder from my former congragation (today he is in the congragation I should belong now) asked me to come to his' and I answered: No Way, I just enjoy my free time to much to give it up again. He sighed, but accepted, since he throws the "literature" to my mailbox (and i pass it on to Viv - who wants the mags)

  • what_Truth?

    I have a question for the people who have been getting strange, long overdue calls from elders recently. Have any of you recently PM'd your phone number to someone on this board? To me it seems odd that we have people leaving their birthdates, hometowns, and in some cases even photos of themselves on the board for everyone to see. If an elder from your ex-congregation see's it you've basically just opened yourself up for harrasment or worse.

    Don't forget that according to society doctrines it's perfectly okay for an elder, CO, or higher up to talk to a disfellowshipped or disasociated one.

  • garybuss

    I use my real name to post and my phone number is the same as it has been since 1966. No elders coming to see me. "-)

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