If You Could Rename Jehovah's Witnesses What Would You Call 'em?

by Incense_and_Peppermints 61 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    See...There really is no good use for a shitstain. It's NEVER beneficial. It has NO redeeming value. No one wants it. They are valueless and they stink!

  • TresHappy

    To Door Knock is a Big Crock Legion

  • Goldminer

    Jehovah's Pharisees

    You could use scriptures from Matt. chapters 15 and 23 to show modern-day parallels.

    Could even make this a 3-part deep,new light,intense,watchtower study.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    The "wannabees"

  • gdt

    what a rough day you must all be having to have to start it with such indecency and disrespect... i trust your day gets better! How about trying to be nicer eh?

    Cheers, gdt.


    gdt,this is as good as it gets,and our day couldn`t get any better.Well maybe a little better,but we`d have to uncover more WBTS corruption,and trust me,we will. When we do,we are going to have a lot of fun with it and it will become globel information thanks to us..I know you`d like to give us all a big hug for cleaning up WBTS corruption,as JW`s haven`t been able to do it for themselves....LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • gdt

    Fair enough 'outlaw'....but it's not much use criticizing unless you are doing at least as good, and preferably, better. So.......what is it you are suggesting as the alternative? A bunch of ..??

    There are, as you know, a lot of nice people who read and contribute to this board, and who love what is godly and encouraging. Some have become total unbelievers in a creator but are still nice. On the other hand .......?? How would you describe such ones?

    It is much nicer to 'disagree, agreeably', surely, than to disagree with a filthy tongue, mind or word, one would think.

    just my way of seeing things,

    cheers, gdt.

  • proplog2

    Russell drew on Second Adventist theology for most of his ideas. So they are a branch of the Second Adventists.

    Since I take names and classification with scientific seriousness I would call them

    Imminent Adventists because they are awaiting the revelation of Christ "real soon"

  • Tigerman

    gdt . . . some people would say there aren't enough 'dirty' words in all the world's languages to describe the 'dirt' that was done to them by the wtbts.

    just my way of seeing things,

    cheers, Tigerman


    gdt,there is no alternative for calling a spade a spade.It`s called speaking truthfully,and you will never find that in an organization that believes in "Theocratic Warefare Stratagy"(more planely put,"LYING in the name of God").Since when did god need someone to lie for him? Not to mention,who is the father of the lie? Could it be SATAN? LOL!! I have no problem with those who believe in god.Nor do I have a problem with those who do not,they`ve already been lied to enough in the name of god.How would I describe them? The English language already has a name for them,their called athiests,LOL! ..Thousands of lives have been ruined by a bunch of dirtbags who run the WBTS.I see no harm with the injured blowing off a little steam.It`s better than someone getting a bullet in the head..Just my way of seeing things...OUTLAW

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