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  • Country_Woman


    Thanks, but there will be no memorial service for Leska.

    I'd make sure that I will receive his ashes (within 10 days they promised me) and then I am going to the dunes and sprinkle the ashes there. I' ve lived for the past 12,5 years in Goedereede - which is a small village near the sea. Our house was at the edge of the dunes - 15 minutes walking from the sea - and cos that is the place he has lived the biggest part of his live (except the last 7 months - when we were only a few times back there to walk) he will be "resting" there too.

    and light a candle for you.

    thanks - appreciate that.

    Orangefatcat: thanks for the hug.

  • cruzanheart

    Big hugs from me too, Branda. I know how hard that is to put a loved member of the family to sleep -- we had to do that to our old basset Dexter last year and it was very hard. The vet, who had known Dexter for about 6 years, just about cried with us, but it was the last kind thing we could do for him.



  • mouthy

    Poor Branda I was so sorry to read of your loss. I know how hard that can be I had a Samyod for 17 yrs & when I hade to let go to sleep It is so difficult.Thanks for you e-mails keeping me in tune with what is happening -I am not on much any more- so busy being a taxi for the new baby.....

    ((((((((HUGS))) my love so sorry....GG

  • Aude_Sapere

    Ohhh So sorry to read of this. It's always so painful to let go of a friend. -Aude.

  • avishai

    I too have seizures, and , umm, tho I might have said it differently I agree with pintail. It sux. It does'nt help, though, I'm sure, because leska is gone regardless of the cause. I'm so sorry for your loss

  • Country_Woman

    Avishai - to bad.

    Hope your medicines willo hold it "under control"

    Last Friday I went for an eye correction to a plastic surgeor and I told him that my eyes were "heavier then normal" and he asked me if I was aware of the reason ? so I told him - started nearly crying again.... but he was kind: told me that it did'nt matter (actually stroke my cheeks) and told the nurse why I was sad.
    Turned out after a few minutes that he had a lot of emotional pain as well: he lost a big part of his family - aunt (sister of mother) her 6 daughters and their husbands + the children in the Tsunami.
    When you then put your own misery in contrast with his.....

    He told me "that he was comforted with the enormous attention in the media - the gifts that came in - the fact that Muslims took Hindu's under their roof when necessary - while before these same groups were killing each other. (ofcourse they still are - but in another part of the world sometimes just a few hundred miles away)

    Anyway, the lesson I learned here is to put everything more in perspective....

    But: your understanding is helping so much....... Thank you.

  • Gill

    Hi Country_Woman,

    Glad that you're able to balance your grief out now. Perspective is a wonderful thing. Time will ease the pain, it always does and you'll remember all the good times instead.

    Best Wishes


  • Country_Woman

    Just to let you know that Leska is "free" now.

    I've collected his ashes and went to the fishers harbour, there is that long pier where he always was allowed to run free (and nearly always took advantage by taking a swim in very fishy smelling water).

    I've waited until last Friday, for that day it was'nt raining. On the pier, I opened his ash-box (did'nt turned it upside-down) and the wind did blow him right out of the box over the harbour. (got a waft in my face too when the wind turned a bit - if he gave me a final lick)

    Anyway, I closed a chapter and I feel it's alright.

  • Billygoat


    That's wonderful. I'm sure there is a bit more peace in your heart now. I can't seem to let Henry's go yet. It's been five months and I still have his in a little cedar chest in my room.



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