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  • Country_Woman

    Yesterday evening my dog got an epileptic attack - peeing all over the tapestry and almost glueing at the floor with the foam at his mouth (it is very hard to remove). After the attack he wanted to "walk" pacing up the room (and backyard) for a long time.

    This night he was whining a lot - wanting outside... (which I allowed for at least 5 times - thus having not much sleep myself)

    At 8 this morning, I woke up by a lot of noise: going down, I found him laying in his basket, trampling and foaming again - peeing in the basket. I've cleaned him, which he was'nt willing and his basket again, opened the door to the backyard - which he was pacing in and out for I think 2 hours.

    While beeing outside one of my other dogs (7 years old - mother of the youngest one) actually attacked him (having a mouthfull of his hair in her mouth)

    Because the temperature outside is not very comfortable, I then closed the door. After maybe a quarter, Leska came out of the basket - walked to the hall - and started peeing in the middle of the hall on a tapestry again.

    At the moment he is sleeping ....

    Now I am wondering - since this is very unnatural for him - growling at me and peeing in the hall - Is it possible that epilepsy change his character - making him senile or something like that ? Or is this something that is happening after an attack and temporarely ? My vet is (today) to be reach in the evening, thus I have to wait for the answers....

    That left me very tired, after cleaning everything three times now..., with an upcoming headache....

  • Been there
    Been there

    Sorry you are having trouble with your dog peeing, I know how frustrating it is.

    I don't know anything about dogs with seisures but I have heard that for a few hours after people have them they can be disoriented, weak and just not themselves. Dogs would maybe be the same way. It is a major electrical over load of the nervous system so I am sure it could effect many areas until the body rights itself. I'm sure your vet will have all the answers.

  • Leilani

    I have a dog that has epileptic seizures and had to be put on phenobarbital. It depends on the frequency of attacks if they'll get medication for it. Disorientation if common after a seizure. It seemed to help my dog when turned off anything that produced loud sounds (such as the tv or stereo and turned down or off any bright lights. I would sit with him and gently stroke his back, talking to him in a soft, calming voice. It can be really scary watching your pet go through these. If he has anymore, pay attention to how long the seizure lasts to tell your vet. Also, keep a record of how frequent the seizures are.

  • Leilani

    Oh yeah, and as mentioned previously, the seizures can really disorient and tire a dog afterwards. It does apply to canines as well as humans.

  • gumby

    Hi Country Woman....and sorry for the canine problems. How long has this been going on with your dog?


  • jwbot

    I have no doubt that the attacks will change the bahavior of your dog--he is probably very scared and feels defenseless. Poor thing. Is he on meds? What is the update? My parents dog had diabetic seizures but was able to get medicine (insulin shot) that helped her immensely.

  • confusedjw

    Doesn't stuff like that make you feel helpless whether it's your kids or your pets!

    Sorry. I hope the poor fellow gets back on track.

  • talley

    Has he been vaccinated recently (within the last three months)?

    Many of the things you are describing have been known to be induced by rabies vaccination. The dog does not actually get rabies, but displays many of the symptoms, neurologically.

  • Country_Woman

    I've just spoken to my vet.

    Leska has this seizures for the first time 29th April - the 2nd time 15th June - the 3rd time at the 15th July. Then he got phenobarbital and he had non till yesterday evening.

    Sitting with him and gently stroke his back, talking to him in a soft, calming voice is what I did all the time - it seems to help him not to panick. During the last 24 hours: 5x now and 4x peeing on the tapestry for no reason at all.... and I noticed: puppy way....

    The vet was'nt optimistic at all.

    She told me to triple his daily dosis and told me that "when the epilepty is under control - the peeing problem is possible gone too" at the moment Leska is 11 years and 4 months which is rather old for his kind. (he is an Alaskan Malamute and their average age is 12 years) - but she did'nd sound to believe her own words....

    At least I've acted wise: took all the tapestries from the floor (a flagged floor is COLD btw) but one: there is a very heavy table on top which I can't move myself..

    Talley he had his rabies injection in july


    Thanks for your concern

  • Billygoat

    (((((((Cw))))))))) I'm sorry to hear your baby is ill. I just lost my little Henry last September. I hate seeing him so sick, laying there with his big eyes. I felt like he was asking me to "fix it momma, I don't feel well". Broke my heart. It still does.

    I hope yours gets well.


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