Obesity vs. Smoking - which is worse?

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  • candidlynuts

    i had a dear sister tell me once she'd rather have cancer than be shaped like me. we'll call her Sister Beatch Godsgifttomankind

    i'm round, my mother ,sisters, aunts, cousins, grandma are all round no matter if we weigh 95 pounds or 180..if you think i'm a glutton i dare you to live on what i live on . (cept my m&ms.. i aint sharin)

    i always get pissed at fat bashing threads. you cant diss blacks, arabs, down syndrome, or anything politically incorrect but mention obesity and its bigot city.

    OBESITY= the N word of us fluffy people lol


  • Stefanie

    i had a dear sister tell me once she'd rather have cancer than be shaped like me

    I hope that bitch got what she asked for!

    Candidly You rock!

  • upside/down

    I grew up with a mom that was both obese and smoked (non Dub). It's a sad thing to witness, and I was powerless to help.

    But you know I hear all this rhetoric of this or that being a "DF ing Offense". What does that mean? I am aware of only ONE real "DF ing Offense"- WILLFULL, UNREPENTANT actions only!

    I've seen stuff that would make da debil blush- no DF ing. And conversely I've seen petty crap result in a DF ing (usually it was an elders personal crusade to destroy someone). I hate the whole concept! I know that is not what the Bible writers had in mind. You know if the truth were known I know the majority of the Dub's I knew would be DF'd. So I'm convinced that this man made weapon of destruction is unfortunately used on those NAIVE and/or STUPID enough to reveal their personal lives to MEN (elders)!!!


  • Aude_Sapere

    I think I remember the talks and articles back in the early 70's.

    Didn't the society link tobacco to drugs and spiritism??

    That would explain why in their eyes it is worse than smoking.

    Funny, a friend of mine caught my oncologist smoking one day. I don't really smoke but have (*GASP*) taken about 3 puffs in the past 12 years. Relaxed me quite a bit. Even just that little bit.

    I figure he needed something to calm his nerves - real tough job that: oncologist - and drinking would just not be appropriate during business hours...!

  • missy04

    Personally I think it is ridiculous to disfellowship someone for either!!!!

    As a smoker I can say that it is not just that a person WANTS to "defile" themselves as the Witnesses would put it.

    Geez I sure wouldn't last long if I were a dub. I could be disfellowshipped for lots of stuff!!


  • Eyebrow2

    OBESITY= the N word of us fluffy people lol

    candid..the more of your posts I read, the more I like you hahaha.

    Smoking or obesity...hmmmm...It is more difficult to df for obesity due to gluttony I think because at least in the US obesity is a huge ( no pun intnended) problem regardless of what religion you are. I am battling the weight now, and I think obesity is much worse to deal with than quitting smoking. Once you quit smoking, you just have not to not pick up another cigarette...or if you do pick up one every now and then it usually isnt a big deal. But once you lose weight you have to keep it off. Everyone is different.

    Both are bad for one's body. And when you are on a diet and/or you quit smoking, one is bitchy in the beginning.

    On another note, I must say if I had a clothing store for large women such as myself, I would want to call it "Fat Chic".

    Whaddaya think? =)

  • candidlynuts

    i'd shop at fat chic lmao

    i KNOW if i'd never gone on a diet i'd be smaller now. i've been dieting since i was 22 yrs old. i was fat to my ex at 130 pounds. butthead. if i was 130 pounds now i'd be a TART !well maybe not a tart..i'm short.. a tartlet maybe.

    as it is.. my man loves me as i am and if i'm not sexually attractive to any one else then quit looking at every woman as if she might sleep with you..cuz more than likely SHE WONT!

    i was in love when he said " honey i look at your belly as a bonus boob".. how can you not love a man like that? LOL

  • Leilani
    i had a dear sister tell me once she'd rather have cancer than be shaped like me. we'll call her Sister Beatch Godsgifttomankind

    This sister sounds like an ignorant idiot. I've had several family members die of various cancerc and my sister fighting stage 4 ovarian cancer right now. My aunt died of lung cancer. My mother died of ovarian cancer. My grandfather died of pancreatic cancer and the list goes on and on. Cancer and it's chemotherapies is awful to go through and can be very, very, very painful.

  • confusedjw
    Actually one can be Df'd for Gluttony. It is among the sins which are condemned strongly enough to merit Df'ing.

    Yet in the history of JWism no one has ever been DF'd for gluttony - this according to a DO who spoke of it during an elder's meeting at a Circuit Assembly.

    ps -- I guess an emu is round when you think of it - whether 95 or 180 lbs.

  • dh

    Fat people are bad for their own health.

    Smokers are bad for everyone's health.

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