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  • Sirona

    Welcome to the forum, Brokenfairy,


  • kilroy2

    Personally I have become an atheist after 30 years in the cult, I have come to understand that their is no evidence that there is a god, no more than aliens or any other myth, It used to work on me when dubbers would say, do you see that tree, how did it get there? The only answer is god put it there. Well after many hours of study, I have learned that this false reasoning is called, post hock reasoning or begging the question. then the society use communal reinforcement, to keep you in line, for me I have seen nothing to indicate that god exists, and no one can show me anything because there is nothing to show, god does not talk to people so we can say I talked to god, if you do you get many milligrams of thorazine and a white gown. you don't see god working, creating, or any of his civil servants,[angles] nope just a god exists because I say he does, I feel it, animals are so pretty, things work like a big clock in the universe, mom and dad said so, It makes me sleep better at night. well all I can say is if you can stand to look behind the curtain and see the silly old man running religion, any religion, than you are on your way to standing on your own two feet. and then you don't need a god or angles, ergo, a pastor elder, ms. os. gb. do. co. or any other bs.

  • Golf

    Greetings and welcome BF. Well, you've got plenty of material to chew over. Take your time and enjoy.


  • Bryan

    Hello Soon-to-be Un-Brokenfairy!

    I know many here have already given you a warm welcome and wise advise. I know when I left, the guilt instilled in me by the wj, ate at me for years. They use guilt and fear to keep the willing ones in line.

    As several here have said, I too think you should slow down, catch your breath and emotions. Knowledge is power! Take time to learn about the WTB&TS from the outside. And study religions if you like. I personally have no nead for a building or another man (leader) to enjoy my relationship with God.



    Have You Seen My Mother

  • snakeizz

    welcome brokenfairy....we've all been heart goes out to you...i'm new as well but i have discovered joining this group is one of the best things you could ever do. Everyone here can relate to where you are coming from and although we may be a very diverse group of people, our traumas in the JW compound are all the same...this is just the first phase in your journey to freedom....may peace and blessings be unto you.....

  • lilybird

    I have been disassociated for 20 years now. The best thing I ever did.Its difficult at first because you lose all your friends and family you loved for years. But I found that the "worldly people" out there are not scary, In fact, there are more caring people in other organizations, who truly care about others because they want to. Not because they are trying to impress other JWs or Jehovah. The freedom to choose how you want to live and what you want to learn and who you associate with is amazing. My son is so happy and thanks me all the time that I didn't raise him in this life style. I am happy to have found this forum. Its reassuring to be able to discuss our thoughts and problems with others who have dealt with the same issues. I am sure you will find your way, Broken Fairy. Every day gets easier. Just believe in yourself...

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