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  • outbutnotdown

    Hi brokenfairy,

    funny that scripture right after that as well....about forgiveness...any time i sought sincere forgiveness i was turned away

    I thought this quote of yours was quite telling. I feel that you may be on the verge of great revelations. Forgiveness happens from within. It does not come from others and I think you are realizing that it most certainly does not come from the Kingdom Hall.

    I agree with others here that you are not really broken. I know your heart is heavy but that is what happens when you are making a big change for the better. Your regular psyche is getting disrupted. Don't let the temporary pain prevent you from experiencing the long-term gain.

    Best wishes for you.


  • brokenfairy

    thanks to everyone that has replied to my posts. i look forward to getting to know everyone & their experiences & where they are now. i have many questions of course even tho i left the org around 3 years ago. sometime after august of 2004 i thought i would "try" to go back. while i felt very welcome at this new congregation i also thought about how could i rightly say i believe things that i dont totally agree with my family (4 kids 9,11,15,17) & i decided together that we should study from home before we make any decisions...

    the hardest thing leaving was that i lost all the friends i had only to find out later some were only my friend becuz of the org itself not becuz of me....out of obligation & becuz we were told not to associate with "worldy" people...i felt i was constantly judged by others within the congregation especially those that werent even aware of my situation....i stayed in an abusive & unfaithful relationship alot longer than i should have becuz i told i should stay and rely on Jehovah...theres so much more of course but i would be here the whole day typing! lol ...

    earlier today after i posted i had to run some errands and while i was out i started thinking of what it means to "worship God in spirit & truth"...from what i was taught it meant that could be only one true religion ( & i could be wrong there could be just one ) but when i pondered today i thought what if it meant just that?... worship in TRUTH and SPIRIT...truth meaning being honest with God in your own personal life & your worship to Him... as the scriptures say "each of us will render an account for himself to God" Romans 14:10 - 12 & not to be judging one and other....who can judge what God sees as acceptable worship from an individual?...and in SPIRIT...why would a loving God destroy those who sincerely give of themselves & are walking in all honesty with Him keeping His commandments?

    and why does there need to be a debate with other christian religions as to what Jesus died on a stake or cross....does that matter at all? the fact and importance is the blood he shed while he was dying....thats what i read is important....

    and the issue with idols...rather than explain with would u wear an image of a gun around your neck...blah blah blah...what happened to going directly to what God has to say?...its plain and clear no arguement can be made...Isaiah 44:9-20 ...but how do you know that the person that is wearing the cross necklace or has a cross hanging up is in fact worshipping it...bowing down and praying to it directly...some wear it as a symbol of their faith...not as something to be worshipped...while there are people who actually bow down and pray to it as if God or Jesus is somehow living inside it...

    sorry if i seem to ramble on....these things come to mind & i need a place to let them out...i hope i didnt offend anyone with any of my statements ...that is not my intentions ...these are just my thoughts & observations......i think too much sometimes

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    another thing i forgot she had said was that i needed to be at the meetings when i told her i study the bible at home with my kids and on my own....she said that wasnt enough....i can only get Jehovahs spiorit at the meetings....but isnt there a scripture thats says where there are 2 or 3 gathered in my name, there i will be

    If that's so, what did people do before the Jehovah's Witnessses religion existed with their meetings? Such a "non-scriptural" answer. But then again, it is only your friend's opinion - one opinion contradicting millions of other opinions.

    btw.... WELCOME....

  • NewLight2

    Welcome to the board! You might want to check out these web pages:

    A Bible Study Outline

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    These two contain many links to important information regarding the Watchtower Society.

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  • kat2u


    This is a good place to land when trying to heal.At least it has been my experience here!

  • bikerchic

    Welcome brokenfairy!

    Perhaps you are not really so "broken" after all, dear.

    When you are very present with nature: silently watching a sunset or sitting by a stream or staring into the star filled night sky, where is the fragile broken child then? She's gone and forgotten, and it requires an effort of remembering to get her back.

    Be kind and oh so gentle with yourself. Be attentive and get to really know the sense of being and existing. Move gently out of the story of who you believe yourself to be, and reside in the cool-warm naked actuality and realness of being alive. What is it to breath? To be consciously aware? Spend more quit time here. You may be amazed at what you discover.


    I just had to quote JamesThomas's words again, they are so poignant and fitting. Please take them to heart brokenfairy.

    BTW you'll figure it all out, no rush with the religion stuff just heal your borken spirit that's what's most important to you and your family right now. God ain't goin' nowhere........


  • belbab

    Broken Fairy,

    Along with other comments, I too, do not consider you to be "broken". From the words you write, I see much strength. I see you fluttering on delicate, fragile wings, trying to be yourself in an overwhelming world.

    Do not let others dictate how you should be. It seems you have been condemned for depression. From my own past experience I know that out of dark depths of depression. light, love and insight arise. Christians from eras past have called it the dark night of the soul.

    It is true that to the making of books there is no end. Why? How can all of reality be placed in books. Even John says that the few years of Christ's works could never be expressed in books. One must dwell in reality itself, our own inner reality as well as the reality outside of us. James Thomas in his post above has said it much better than I .

    For me, the words, do not abandon the gathering of yourselves together does not mean sitting in windowless meeting places, reviewing day after day, repititious dogma. It means exactly what you are doing right now, seeking others, where love may be found along with right works.

    Along with all the other posters, I welcome you with open arms, and tears in my eyes. Stay with us for a while, drink in warmth and comfort and shelter from hostile winds.

    Your insight into the scriptures you have mentionned, tell me you are on the right track. No one can take away the understanding you have. You say that you have three Bibles. To facilite your Bible study, to find texts you do not know how to locate, try this site, there are others also.

    Fly, girl, fly, remember the Monarch butterfly, can fly in one season from the northern reaches of Canada, to Southern California and Mexico to congregate with others of the same species.

  • Aude_Sapere

    Welcome to JWD -

    I'm new-ish here, too. It's a great place. My latest addiction!!

    About spirit and truth. I had serious thoughts about this too. I pioneered for a few years while working full time. I came to the conclusion that sometimes we get so busy with service, meetings and meeting preparation that our real 'spiritual' being got trampled on.

    I also came to believe that some times people who had no real spirituality covered up that by being more demonstrative in meetings and service.

    Maybe doesn't make sense, but hey! Those were my thoughts at the time.

    Again, Welcome. This is a really great place.


  • coldfish

    Using different translations is a great way to study, I took have NWT, KJV and also NIV. As bibles are expensive to buy a member of this site put me on to a great site to quickly look up verses and search the bible -

    All the best

  • brokenfairy

    thanks again for all of your comments! & i also wanted to thank you for the links as well! i truly feel happy today for the first time in a long while...happy that in my search for truth and answers i actually found people to talk to that understand what i am feeling and going just gonna get all mushy if i keep typing...

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