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    A Paduan

    The meetings are probably one of the few places that you can get the spirit of what I refer to as 'jeboobah the beast'. You have probably realised that they were never talking about the God you believed in. The distressing thing is seeing such an imprisoned and trampled on soul - it's difficult to accept as a reality - but wicked is as wicked does.

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    Welcome brokenfairy. Glad you found the forum and hope to see you here often.

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    Broken Fairy,

    I just want to add my name to those who have already welcomed you. Glad you're here.

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    When you look at the Bible and read the Old testament, all those old rules no longer apply. JWs don't even think they are applicable, women are no longer required to sleep outside the camp during their periods, we no longer sacrifice animals to God, etc. So if the Old testament was replaced by Jesus and his death covered our sins (as taught by JWs and most of Christianity) then really his teachings should be the basis of the religion. He basically taught that the "rules" and all the mumbo-jumbo that the Pharissees were selling was just crap. He taught that you should love your fellowman. That was the bottom line. He taught the "golden rule"

    Everything else is non-important. You can read the bible as much as you want to, but if you can't love people the way he did, UNCONDITIONALLY, you have lost the whole meaning of it.

    I am not a big Bible person... but I do know what it means to believe in God and be a good person. JWs spend so much time reading all these new magazines, when it truly is simple. Yet, they will condemn a person like me who actually is listening to the real message.

    I truly hope you find some comfort and answers here. This messageboard has been a godsend for me.

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    I replied to your post yesterday. For some reason I do not find my reply on this message board. Without going through my entire message again. I just want to say to you that we have all been in your "spot" at some time or another. Be patience and love yourself. It takes time to become "whole" again. If you are reaching out to God, He hears you and will guide you to a better place. ((Cyber hugs))

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    I also enjoyed James Thomas reply to you

    I liked what you said in this paragraph, as I have thought about this as well. I was raised as a JW and lived it for many years, but the lack of love issues and finding out they have been concealing pedophiles while denouncing the Catholic Church for the same thing seemed hypocritical to me.

    earlier today after i posted i had to run some errands and while i was out i started thinking of what it means to "worship God in spirit & truth"...from what i was taught it meant that could be only one true religion ( & i could be wrong there could be just one ) but when i pondered today i thought what if it meant just that?... worship in TRUTH and SPIRIT...truth meaning being honest with God in your own personal life & your worship to Him... as the scriptures say "each of us will render an account for himself to God" Romans 14:10 - 12 & not to be judging one and other....who can judge what God sees as acceptable worship from an individual?...and in SPIRIT...why would a loving God destroy those who sincerely give of themselves & are walking in all honesty with Him keeping His commandments?


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    Welcome brokenfairy, you know the metaphor of a light turning on in our head? It really does work like that when we become familiar with how high control groups operate and influence their members. The number one thing you can do is educate yourself about cohersive and unethical manipulation. Books by Steven Hassan (cult recovery professional) helped my wife and I see the "organization" for what is was. It made sense of the feelings of "disloyalty" and "fear of disapproval", when we are good people trying to do what is right.

    Do not hesitate to get control of your life. Steven Hassan is not some new age guru or self help fadist. Get a book entitled "Releasing the Bonds...".

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    Hi, and welcome.

    I wish you happiness and peace

  • brokenfairy

    thank you all for welcoming me to the board....i have been quite busy reading other threads...i am so happy to have found this site of such a supportive group....i have been sobbing because of mario's thread...the loss of his daughter...i think i should take a breather for a bit...

    may God bless each and everyone of you for your loving support!

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