Just got home from the dentist :(

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    You are so lucky - I still have to go..........

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    carefully faded

    Here's a post I wrote amost a year ago . . . and I'm still pretty nervous about having more work done.

    - CF

    I just had the strangest experience at the dentist. I was having a cavity filled and the dentist gave me nitrous - as usual. I have taken nitrous at the dentist many times with really good results. In fact, nitrous has turned me from being extremely afraid of going to the dentist, to a person who looks forward to fillings because I get to have a little nitrous - and enjoy a legal high.

    But this time, the effects hit me almost immediately (within two breaths) and I was tripping hard! I remember noticing the tiles on the ceiling looked like the ones at my orthodontist's office (from when I was about 13). Then my life experiences literally flashed before me in what seemed like 10 seconds and then it was as though I came from the sky and landed in my orthodontist's chair. The weird part was that I had this ephiphany that was so real . . . .It was as though the effects of the drug wore off, I was thinking clearly again, and that I "realized" I was still a 13 year old, and that I had only imagined all my life experiences (from 13 until present) while on nitrous sitting in my orthodontist's chair. It's hard to explain . . .

    Then I hear my dentist repeating my name over and over again, but I couldn't come out of it. He was calling my name for quite a while, but I could barely move and I couldn't respond. I felt extremely nausous and finally signaled that I wanted the nitrous turned off. Then he was calling my name again. 'The weird part was he had only just started the filling. I told him I didn't want anymore nitrous - and went through the filling process half in and out of consciousness.

    When he was done, I was a little more coherent and asked him what happened. He said my eyes had glossed over and that he thinks I fainted. We talked about how I never had this reaction to nitrous before, and he told me that he gave me the same amount as usual. In fact, he said he had taken it down to the lowest setting and I was still too out of it. He explained that nitrous reacts differently on different people and differently each time you take it. If you're under a lot of stress, or your metabolism is high, you could be more sensitive to it.

    Anyway, I've been home now for about an hour and I'm still pretty queasy.

    Has anyone else had weird experiences on nitrous? I'm afraid to use it again!

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