Just got home from the dentist :(

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  • Princess

    I avoided the dentist for about six years. No insurance and two small kids seemed like a really good excuse. So I finally wenttoday. Two cavities ( pretty much knew that ) meant two fillings and a lovely cleaning. Now my lower left jaw feels dead and half my tongue is numb.

    He started digging in the cavity with that nice little pick axe tool. I could feel everything so I told him when he was done...before he started drilling. He said, your gums aren't numb, let me know if you feel any drilling. I stopped him quickly because I could! Damn. More novacaine which means more epinephrine and more jitters. Gawd I hate that stuff. I could still feel a lot of the drilling but I wanted to get my tongue and jaw back to normal sometime this weekend so I just dealt with it.

    It's going to last for hours. I really just want to take a nap but I have two hours of volunteering at school at 11:30 followed by another doctor appointment for my daughter. Oh it's going to be a long Friday. Good thing I'm going out with a friend tonight. I'll need it by then!

    Any good dental horror stories?

  • Mulan

    It sounds like you have the same effect from epinephrine that I do. They give me a different anaesthetic now, called Carbocaine. Avoids those jitters.

    I still hate going, but it sounds like you got off pretty easily. Only two cavities in six years is great!

    Sorry, sweetie, you should have told me about those jitters.

  • Princess

    I didn't remember that happening before. Now I realize I always feel like this afterward. He told me as the needle was in my jaw that if I felt my heart racing, it was just the epinephrine and was normal. I got up to put some papers away and my whole body was jittery. Horrible.

    The cavities were next to each other. Lower jaw...front...gumline. Not a good place but one was really small so I did get off pretty easy I guess.

    The jitters are going away but the numbness will be with me for hours. I'm hoping to feel my tongue by late afternoon. I'm having trouble talking because of it and it makes me feel so stupid.

  • Mulan

    Have a cookie.

    It may not last as long as you think it will, and you probably don't sound as bad as you think either.

  • FlyingHighNow
    I could still feel a lot of the drilling but I wanted to get my tongue and jaw back to normal sometime this weekend so I just dealt with it.

    What a woman!

  • one

    they scare me... so i pulled all my teeth not to have to deal with dentists anymore...

  • drwtsn32

    About 15 years ago I was at the dentist and they put novacaine on the WRONG side of my mouth. After they started drilling I complained about the pain. I told them "I think you put the shot on the wrong side of my mouth." Duh.

    I go every six months and hardly ever have any problems. When I do need a filling, novacaine is fine with me... when they put it on the right side of my mouth!

  • whyamihere

    I don't have any Dental horror stories!

    However I will tell you this....if anyone I mean anyone thinks that went through pain come an talk to me....and if you who wants to say something about loosing a limb fine you beat me!

    Well I did have a 60 hour labor with my first child 50 hours with no drugs...what is wrong with me!

    But here is where it gets fun....almost a year later I was in Bath and body works and my eye sight for some damn reason was getting dark and I could hardly see out of it....it was like it was snowing dirty gray snow...thats what it looked like out of one of my eye balls! Seen Dante's Peek? Anywho I called up my eye Dr and the stupid nurse said Do you think this is an emergency???? I was like ummm no I think it can wait until next week!!!!!!!!!!!!! My husband grabbed the phone and said I need to talk to a DR with a MD after his name....So he got on the phone with him and I needed to come in right away...Well my Eye ball had a problem that needed further medical attention.....We drove 1 hour and a Half to see a eye surgeon and he said my retina from my eye is detaching which not uncommon to someone who is 80 but for me a 22year old at the time it was weird.

    Well after surgery I was fine pain was horrible and it sucked. I went home the next day and I had one day to sleep. I then took care of our baby with no help because my Husband had to work and he went to school part time. Well anyway...blah blah blah! Anyway it was a few months had past everything seemed fine I was ok and my eye sight was not as good but I could see....Think again! it started doing it again...but this time I was 5 months pregnant....hello! I was pissed I went to the DR again they said by some 10% chance I had developed a cataract in that eye blocking my view....I was like alright get a lottery ticket...Well I thought and thought about surgey again they said they could do cataract surgery with me being pegnant but I could not have drugs(only one to relax me but still took a chance with a baby) I was like well if I wait it out I can't do anything I can't see to drive so I said ok lets do it. So they did numb up my eye ball as much as they could...Ha ha ha ha! I went in for 45 minutes with no I mean no drugs I had a knife god knows what else in my eye ball and I would say I will take 60 hour child birth again!

    Well I hope that will help anyone with there paper cut or a cavity!


  • Mulan

    Oh my god!!!!!!! I can't imagine that.

    I hate the dentist, with almost everything I've got, but could never go through what you did unless I was completely out. I need to really protect my eyes, because if I get cataracts, I just don't know how I could handle surgery, even the laser kind. Even talking about it makes me feel very anxious and uneasy.

  • Elsewhere

    So far I have been lucky with the Dendist... I've never felt any pain... just the numbness which I don't mind.

    Have you tried playing with your numb cheek? When I leave the dentist I like to poke at my cheek because it's fun to touch my cheek without being able to feel it.

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