Just got home from the dentist :(

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  • candidlynuts

    gawsh i've had 4 kids ... and one abscessed tooth... i'd take the labor any day and i had bad bad labors with 2 that were turned wrong. at least i knew the labor would end..the toothache was AWFUL morphine didnt even cut the pain. i was climbing the walls and wanted to take a claw hammer to the tooth and dig it out! it was awful

    i have bad teeth, 4 kids, 40 yrs old, poverty.. i 'm the epitome of a hillbilly.

  • drwtsn32

    Wow, whyamihere! A guy in the office had LASIK two weeks ago.... he has some weird immunity to the numbing drops they put in your eye. He said it was the most excruciating thing he ever felt! (Normally LASIK is a pretty pain-free surgery.)

    My worst pain was when I had eye muscle surgery. That night it felt like sand was in my eyes.... all night long...hours on end. Damn that sucked.

  • undercover

    Some of the worst pain I've ever felt in my life was from a toothache. I had a bad tooth that needed a root canal and the dentist put a temporary filling on it. The pain quit and I ignored it for months, ya know, no pain, no worries. Then, after the temp filling had worn off and had exposed the open tooth(unknown to me) and it got infected. The pain hit late one night....OMFG....I thought I was gonna die. The worst pain had ever felt up till and since then. I hope to never go throught that again. $1500 and a root canal later, all's well. Now I go twice a year for a cleaning and checkup.

  • Scarlet

    The only thing that ever happend to me was when I was getting my wisdom teeth pulled and they had to pull all 4 wisdom teeth and a 12 year molar. They suposedly gave me enough

    anesthetic to put me out for the whole procedure and 30 minutes afterward according to my weight. Well they didn't take into account that i have a really fast metabolism. I woke up while they were finishing up digging out the last tooth. They had numbed my mouth but I started screaming when I woke up out of pure shock that they were still in my mouth taking out teeth. The dentist told me I needed to stop screaming and that he was almost done. With that same procedere my gums healed too quickly over the next week and they were afraid of infection so they re-broke the gums with no numbing or anything boy did that hurt.

  • notperfectyet

    Hi Princess,

    I went to the dentist yesterday for the first time in almost 9 years. All of 4 of my root canals have to be redone, and three fillings redone.

    The last dentist was an idiot. So be careful who you select as a dentist. The guy who did a crappy job 9 years ago, I had good insurance. I have no dental ins. now, and this new dentist knows he doesn't have a blank check.

    The novacaine they give me always sends me into a panic attack, I drove home yesterday from work, before the dentist appt. 40 miles, to get my xanax. I forgot it before I went to work, but it was worth the drive. My dentist will give me valium, but it does not work the same for panic has xanax does.

    I had a root canal and a new filling yesterday, three more appointments, next one this Tuesday. :(

    I hope you do well Princess. I told the dentist, no one should have their mouth open so wide , and for so long, and not enjoy it...

  • wednesday

    yes, I have a dental horror story. Many years ago, back in my 20's i went to Baylor Dental college to have dental work done. I had a rather large cavity and they numbed it and began drilling. I had never had a bad experience with dentistry and was relaxed. Well, the student hit a nerve drilling. I jumped and screamed and the student nearly fainted. They numbed me some more and finally finished. I have never trusted dentists since and wait years between vistis , which means i have lots of work done. One time i had the money to pay a doc to totally knock me out with an IV . That is cool but is very expensive. They have sedation denistry now, but they charge a lot for it and it takes so much to knock me out. It does not work nealy as good as the IV total knock out. I am messed up for 2-3 days after one visit wih the sedation dentistry.

    I feel your pain.

    Helo, my name is weds, and I'm a dental chicken

  • Cicatrix


    I hear ya, girl. I was in the same boat as you-no dental insurance for six years, and kids to worry about, too. I let a chipped filling go until I did have dental insurance (just recently got that straightened out-we were accidentally removed from the company plan twice), and evidentally, because the seal was broken, bacteria got back under the filling and I developed an abscess this past week. I guess the infection spread into my sinuses, so now I'm being treated for a sinus infection and an abscess. The headache is unrelenting.

    The dentist doesn't know if the tooth has to come out, or if I have to have a root canal. Either way, ouch! One of my children has to have a root canal, also, so we're going to be paying lots of dental bills now.I may have gum disease to boot.

    It doesn't pay to wait, but what can you do if you can't afford to go? I do know I'll think twice before I ignore a chipped filling! It's a lot easier to come up with $60 than $480!

  • wasasister


    As you may or may not know, I have worked in the Dental field for almost 7 years.

    The problems you experienced with anesthetic are common and can be avoided by telling the dentist to use "non-epi" injections. The numbness does not last as long, but if you get rapid heart-beats, your dentist should be more than happy to use an alternative.

    I know I'm prejudiced, but it always makes me roll my eyes when someone says, "I didn't go see a dentist for 10 years and now I need 6 root canals." If you keep up with regular visits, chances are most expensive restorations can be avoided and decay can be arrested before it gets into the nerve chamber.

    Also, dentists generally do not seek to "rip off" people with dental insurance. In fact, we prefer to treat people without insurance because you don't have the insurance company dictating what procedures we can and cannot do. If a patient happens to have a generous insurance plan, we may suggest they get necessary dental work done to prevent future complications or emergencies.

    If you dent your fender and take your car into several body shops for an estimate, you may find quite a difference in price to fix the dent. One place may be very cheap, but what they will do is fill the dent with putty and paint over it with a color that doesn't quite match.

    Dentistry can be the same way. There may be a cheap way and expensive way to "fix" a tooth, but usually the cheap method won't last, doesn't look good, and may require a more expensive solution in a short time.

    We are doing everything we possibly can to get people to stop hating dental visits. We use aroma-therapy, massage chairs, and spa-type atmosphere to make people feel relaxed and happy. Most people leave my office saying they didn't realize how pleasant a trip to the dentist could be. We are always pleased when our patients brag to their friends and neighbors about how "gentle" their dentist is.

    Please write to me if you want a recommendation of a dentist in your area.


  • Brummie

    a aa rr rrg gh hhh hh hh h (I'm a tad of a drama queen when it comes to dentist)

    I HATE dentist and stories about teeth. I did post my horror story back in Dec last year when I ended up in hospital for the week with emergency surgery and a 6inch metal pipe stitched through my face.

    I do hope all is getting better for you now and you dont ever ever ever have to go to the dentist for that sort a thing again...


  • gumby

    What a big wuss.


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