What Are "Sins" That Are Unique To A Jehovah's Witness???

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  • franklin J
    franklin J

    sins? HAH!

    ....cheap polyester suits and vinyl bookbags...

  • minimus

    You mean those bookbags were faux leather?/ Oh my God.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    yes, min; as sad as it may seem; many Naugas ( naugahyde) died to make those bookbags; along with many a sacrificed phsyche to go door to door and show them off.

    Life is cheap in that religion....how is this any different ( in concept) to the ancient Aztecs?

  • evergreen

    I will never forget what the P.O from my old congregation in london once said.He said that a Brother can be disfellowshipped for even simply having a woman as a friend ie if he was going to her flat/house or visa versa even if the relationship is strictly platonic.

    I remember it distinctly because there was a woman who had just come along for the first time to a meeting and the po comes out with that.All i remember thinking, was ,no you shouldnt have said that ,that didnt sound right etc.I never saw the newly interested woman again!!!!

  • Swan

    Taking more than one paper towel in the assembly restroom.

    Not putting your soda can in the can marked "Soda Cans Only."

    A sister contradicting a brother with the correct information.

    Being raped or being a child abuse victim.


  • Brummie

    Yeah I remember the GB death, perhaps I woulda carried on as normal too..lol

    Another sin, letting young children play with toys/pencils etc during the meeting(grrr). It was also a sin NOT to smack them or with-hold the rod as they say.


  • kaykay_mp
    ....cheap polyester suits and vinyl bookbags...

    does anyone in the US remember that Stoops Manufacturing Company while in the borg? they sold all the leather bookbags, bibles, etc. that all the dubs (who had money) would just drool over.

    It's f**cking sad. But those Bibles sure looked nice, with the gold-leaf embossing...

    and they had games and stuff, too. I can't remember the name of that board game where you had to answer Bible trivia. Does anyone know?



  • Gill

    Needing to go for a wee during the meeting is definitely a sin. Your children needing to go to the toilet also is a sin. Pissing in your seat is an absolute 'no, no'!!!

    IIf you've been bad and had to use the toilet then you MUST NOT DRIBBLE AT ALL ON ANYTHING.

    At one congregation meeting a circuit overseer announced that his dear old wife had noticed that sometimes the sisters left a spot of dribble on the seat when they'd finished and this must not happen again. He recited a rhyme to help us incontinent sisters remember: If you chance to need a widdle, make sure that you do not dribble!!!!

    Poet laureate material he was. Any way this sister who was a friend of mine told me on the service a couple of days later that she had been into the toilet after the CO's wife and what did she see?!!!! Shock! Horror! A dribble!!!!

    Now that's what I call a sin!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bryan

    I was once put on public reproof because I couldn't prove I had a brain injury. Oh yeah... the fact that my wife at the time said, "I can't take his problems anymore", didn't count. Neither did the x-rays showing my swollen brain.

    I suppose I was sinning... I was punished!


  • minimus

    Putting pumpkins out in October, giving gifts in December (unless it's after Dec. 25th), having a turkey on Thanksgiving Day, giving your mom a present on Mother's Day, watching fireworks on the 4th of July.......

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