What Are "Sins" That Are Unique To A Jehovah's Witness???

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  • minimus

    Here's one to start the ball rolling. If you are not feeling well, have a headache, a backache, whatever BUT you would go to work but didn't go to a meeting or in "field service"---then you "sinned" against Jehovah.....Any others?

  • FlyingHighNow

    You're not allowed to read or post on message boards that are critical of your religion.

  • minimus

    Another sin---sitting in unassigned areas in the KH and not going to your assigned convention and not staying in a Society approved motel.

  • Brummie

    Dying in the meeting! They just carry on as if nothing happens while brother dick struggles to come to terms with whats happening to the brother next to him.

    It is a sin to leave the meetings early without a very good reason, it is deemed as leaving Jehovahs table and neglecting the spiritual feast that he has provided....tshhhk

  • minimus

    Brummie, you're right. Remember when the GB member just dropped dead while giving his talk. The show still went on as planned without a hitch!

  • garybuss

    Eating can be a shunning sin. So can virtual eating. Actually, virtual eating is a bigger sin than regular eating. Anyone know what I am writing about?

  • heart2heart

    Not arriving on time at a meeting for the opening song and prayer, or leaving before the concluding song and prayer, or using the bathroom during a song or prayer.

    Brothers shouldn't have any alcoholic drinks before a meeting they have a part in.

    Not attending meetings at the congregation you're assigned to (instead of the meetings at another cong. that are more convenient for you).

    Taking too much time at coffee break during service (even when it's -40 out).

    Not becoming a pioneer since you don't work outside the home / have plenty of time to use for service. (I'm a stay-at-home mom, and I got several subtle hints about this one).

    Not answering at the meetings (or not answering enough).

    Not using your vacation time to pioneer.

    Not using your precious youth after leaving school to pioneer.

    Not "ratting people out" to the elders if they've done something "bad".

    Not telling the elders if you've done something "bad". (Excuse me, but a pedophile doesn't have to be reported to the authorities or even the congregation because he has worked it out with God, but I have to tell you if I've done something minorly "wrong" even if I've worked it out with God too? Not to mention the leaks in the confidentiality of the elders circle....)


  • heart2heart


    are you talking about "eating with sinners" ie "apostates"? whether literally eating a meal with them or eating the virtual food of "apostates" on the internet (the evil internet...)?


  • garybuss


    Right on about the association, but the virtual meal is the blood medical treatment that is a shunning offence. The reason the Witness people can't have blood medical treatment is because of the antique Jewish dietary kosher laws. The problem with taking in blood according to the Witnesses . . . is taking blood is a virtual meal. Ask any Witness if a transfusion is a meal or a medical treatment:-) If they know their doctrines, they will say, both.

    Ray Franz was disfellowshipped for eating.

    Gluttony is not a sin though. Check out the extra wide doors on the Kingdom Halls.

  • VM44
    the GB member just dropped dead while giving his talk. The show still went on as planned without a hitch!

    This was Lloyd Barry, right?

    The Watchtower organization views individuals as unimportant, only the ORGANIZATION matters!

    Hence, no birthday's for individuals, but making a special observance of the 100th anniversity of the Watchtower Corporation is OK.

    Individuals may die, but the Watchtower goes on, and on, and on, and on.


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