What Are "Sins" That Are Unique To A Jehovah's Witness???

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  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    Hey Garyb,
    Maybe you didn't get invited to Bethel because of the Cowboy hat. They probably had a rule not to wear them. What do you think? lol Panther

  • garybuss

    Hey Panther

    I was a bad Witness. I rode my Harley hard tail to the Kingdom Halls. I bought a black 1959 Cadillac and drove that around for 5 years. That bothered more than a few circuit servants. That Caddy made a great service car, though it looked a bit like we broke out of a funeral parade.

    Now the KH parking lots are filled with Cadillacs and Lincolns.

    I never thought it might be the hat. Maybe I should let them know I don't have a horse??

  • toreador

    Gary, are you impersonating a cowboy? Thats a sin ya know. I wear a cowboy hat sometimes too and I dont have a horse anymore either. I guess we are lost to the world.

  • minimus

    Associating with Witnesses that are considered "weak"......Watching any "R" rated movie.......Not pioneering whenyou KNOW you can

  • garybuss

    Yup! My hat is just part of one of my many costumes. Apparently I have an eclectic wardrobe gene gone over to the wild side. It's a part of my personality that so many people find especially endearing.

  • kwintestal
    After meals at Bethel, is there still the mad dash by some to scoop up as many of the leftovers as they can get to?

    About 5 years ago we went and ate at Bethel and they did it then. I thought that was quite odd, but, I gave in to the temptation and did it myself too. I stuffed as much as I could into my suit jacket pockets. The pacific salmon we ate made my suit smell, so after a few meeting, the elders suggested I get it cleaned.

    Kwin *Always looking for a free meal*

  • minimus

    Kwin, that story sounds "fishy".

  • JH

    A JW sin is not putting money in the contribution boxes. Not sharing your car in the field service.

  • kwintestal
    Kwin, that story sounds "fishy"

    You caught me trying to be funny . Just trying to add some humour to someone's possibly dull day.


  • itsallgoodnow

    Letting your "mind wander" during the meetings. Ok, you got me. I was thinking about sex, of course, like everyone else there. That zombie look on everyones faces? That's sex on the brain.

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