My Brother Can't Even Do Microphone Duty Because He Went To My Kid's Weddin

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  • one


    jw elders are not as dumb as we think, once they see an elder stepping down voluntaroily (like min did) right?), the least they can do is to isolate him to prevent the "virus" from spreading. Even more, CO have agenda prepared in Broollyn. Brooklyn read this site, min is a popular poster...

  • Brummie
    jw elders are not as dumb as we think

    one, Yes they are , look how many people have left because of the harsh way they treat those who step down, if they had shown a bit more kindness more people would have stayed.

  • one


    stayed? Are you sure?, what would be the other possible scenario? describe it if you have the time...

  • Brummie

    One, got to be brief, If they acted Kind and nice then the people who leave would have nothing to throw back at those still in, the elder cruelty just causes more people to leave.


  • one


    I visualize a broader scenario, but that is just me.

    In other words

    If they don't demonize (sp) those who leave, and live happly as confirmed in this board, then what... again i could be my new wide jumbo screen that make me visualize a bigger picture.

  • confusedjw

    Min - that is a load of horsecrap. I think in this area that would not have happened and if it did there would be a backlash toward that congregation - which I have seen before. One congregation gets a body that is crazy like this and folks who can leave to another and even elders who don't want to be part of it.

    MAYBE some good will come of it and your mom might be more willing to read CoC.

    Where there is life there is hope.

    PS - TJ I don't get the point you were making? Or were you in a tough love mood today?

  • MungoBaobab
    One congregation gets a body that is crazy like this and folks who can leave to another and even elders who don't want to be part of it.

    That's what happened with me. I lost my microphone privliges for refusing to shave my sideburns a quarter of an inch to mid-ear length. Yes, you read that correctly. Can you say Pharisaical? I relocated to another congregation shortly thereafter, and guess what? ALL of the microphone handlers there had sideburns at least as long as mine. BUT, since I had that bad report follow me to the new Hall, I haven't had mic duty since then, and that was 1998. Good!

  • Englishman

    Surely the solution is for Minimus to dig out the appropriate WT about Worldly Weddings being a matter of personal conscience. He can then pass it to his brother who can show it to the elders. Then his brother will once more be able to wander around with a microphone.

    Failing that he could always take up karaoke at home.


  • ozziepost

    Please sir, can I have my microphone back?

  • Mary
    My mother just told me that my brother was told by his elders that because he attended my daughter's wedding, he was not going to be allowed any privileges, including "handling the microphones". My elder friend that also went to the wedding told me he was being deleted too

    What a bunch of morons.........and they can back up their decision using...............what scriptures????

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