What RULES Do Jehovah's Witnesses Enforce Upon Their Members???

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  • heathen

    ummmm how about

    You have to prepay for all your magazines in field service

    you have to answer questions during watchtower or book studies

    you have to prestudy the study articles and underline answers also do some research using only WTBTS approved resources

    long hair for men is out

    no gambling

    the blood issue is all based on opinion

    6 month shunning period ( is not in the bible)

    thanksgiving is some sort of political holiday?

    calling everybody brother or sister at all times is a bit silly

  • babygirl

    just try to leave, you'll see how many rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • candidlynuts

    i always liked to see men in the org argue..eventually one would lose his cool and say F** you Brother Smith ...

    kinda takes the heat out of a F*** you lmao

  • iiz2cool
    eventually one would lose his cool and say F** you Brother Smith

    That was usually me, but I'd leave out the "brother" part.



    "....The glicher is that his dad is an elder and his grandfather is on of the governing body members."


    You must be speaking about Brother Pierce. I think the only other GB member that even has kids is Schroeder and he only has 1 son. I know that Guy Pierce has a few kids. Funny thing is that I didnt think he was old enough to have grandchildren that old???? Strange...

  • nb-dfed

    That marking is not allowed, but exists anyways! Oh yeah. No masturbating or oral sex either.

  • minimus

    nb----Who ever said "marking" was not allowed? I think you're mistaken.

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