What RULES Do Jehovah's Witnesses Enforce Upon Their Members???

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  • minimus

    Families with children HAD to sit in the back. You should not sit in the same seating area all the time. You cannot partake at the Memorial without censure or old age.

  • BluesBrother

    Candidly, you do that to me so often. I mean make me crease up and laugh out loud

    What are we talking about? Oh yes, rules....

    how about the one about not allowing the infectious primitive beat of good healthy rock music stir your soul .... Whatever it is you enjoy, there has to be a reason to criticise it !

    I used to ponder, " Why are all the good things in life, illegal, immoral or untheocratic?"

  • tippysock

    I met my husband who was df at the time we met and married. We started a business together but put the assets and corp. in my name. After we were married he got reinstated. Immediately after reinstatement he started going to strip clubs, dating other girls, etc... The glicher is that his dad is an elder and his grandfather is on of the governing body members. His family told everyone that I was multiple personality and they took the business, our house, and all the assets with them and left me in more debt than I could have ever imagined. I haad been studying for a year and a half. Recently the friends I thought I had in the truth all shunned me, they said it was because I had been studying for long enough and since I still smoked I had obviously made up my mind on " whose side of the fence I was on". Is this the way the orginization really is? Just because your dad is an elder and your grandfather is a governing body member does that mean you can do whatever you want to whoever you want to? Since he left 9 months ago my husband has o.d. on meth, moved in several girls with him and hasn't gone to one meeting. The presiding overseer in my hall told me that if I complied with the divorce that my husband filed that I would not be in good standing with Jehovah. Evidently the fact that he has had several women living with him does not constitute reason for adultery. What do I do? I have already walked away, but I am so hurt that an organization that prides itself on "cleanliness" would allow this kind of junk to go one and cover it up.

  • minimus

    Dancing, music, chess, soap operas therapists, commentaries, liking "worldly" people

  • minimus


  • Swan

    Do not join, support, or promote the following organizations or any of their charities:

    The Red Cross, The March of Dimes, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, The Shriner's Hospital for Crippled Children, The Boy Scouts, The Girl Scouts, The Cub Scouts, Campfire Girls, The 4H, The Grange, The Salvation Army, Boystown, Catholic Charities, The ROTC, Daughters of the American Revolution, The National Organization of Women, The United Negro College Fund, Veterans of Foreign Wars, National Endowment of the Arts, US Savings Bonds, The Peace Core, Save the Children, UNICEF, the League of Nations, and (drum roll) ...


  • Mary

    Christ, where you you even start??

    1. No beards for men
    2. Fornication is wrong, but pedophilia is okay
    3. Report how many hours you fake out in Service
    4. If you don't report your hours, you are not considered a Dub and are therefore spiritually weak
    5. If you are spiritually weak, you can easily be marked as not being "good association" and no one will bother with you.
    6. If you start to make worldly friends because no one at the Hall with bother with you, you are in deep shit;
    7. You tell everyone else they can scrutinize their relgion's doctines like the National Debt, but as Witnesses, if you do that, you can be disfellowshipped.
    8. You don't need higher education
    9. You don't need to pay into a pension or think about how the hell you'll live when you retire
    10. You are strongly discouraged from doing any sort of charity work
    11. You can celebrate weddings and anniversaries, but not birthdays, even though there's nothing in the bible that says anything about it
    12. You can't show honor to your Mother and Father on M&F Day, even though one of the 10 Commandments says "Honor your Father and your Mother
    13. You're supposed to marry the biggest asshole in the congregation, (even though he makes minimum wage, is a drunk and will more than likely beat you) rather than marry a loving, wonderful man who's "worldly".
    14. If you can't even land a useless drunk in the congregation, you're supposed to be celebate the rest of your life and presumably forever, seeing as the Big A is right around the corner.
    15. Shift work is bad. Very, very, bad. If you don't quit your $45.00/hr shift work job and take a day job for $7.15/hr, you are evil, and you will be destroyed.
    16. If you drink the wine or eat the bread at the Memorial, you can kiss your spiritual ass goodbye
    17. It's okay if you're an alcholic, but if you take a blood transfusion to save your life, you're as good as dead anyway
    18. If you spend $50,000 on a car, you're "materialistic", but if you spend $50,000 on a van for Service, you're "spiritually strong"
    19. You can use any kind of artificial birth control you want, but if you decide to get fixed, that's showing great disrespect for your "reproductive system"
    20. You can watch The Ten Commandments and see Moses and the magic practicing priests turn their rods into snakes, but you can't watch Harry Potter do the same thing.

    Need I go on??

  • Swan

    2. Fornication is wrong, but pedophilia is okay

    Come to think of it, I have never heard them specifically mention NAMBLA in the above list of organizations.

    BTW, pedophilia is not okay if there are two witnesses to it... that is unless the pedophile is repentant and just gets reproved. In that case the rule kicks in about not ostracizing brother X because he has been repentant and you should show him brotherly love and talk to him.


  • minimus

    This thread is great to think about. When a JW tries to sing the praises of simply obeying the "law of love", it is so obvious that JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES ARE WORSE THAN THE PHARISEES THEY CONDEMN!!!

  • filip

    to candididlynuts-something: Are JW in the USA very strict? Im from denmark and my parents are JWs, and its pretty strict, like I cant go to school parties, and I cant hang out with non-witnesses, but I can pretty much watch and do anything I want - as long as I dont do it with non-witnesses.

    whats your view on that?

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